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Saturday, July 28, 2018

J's 27th Birthday!

J's birthday cake was a bunch of donuts, per usual lol. I woke up early on Sunday and went to Banbury Cross to get a bunch of donuts, and coming from Connecticut assumed I would be paying like $25-$50 for them all. But NO. ALL THESE DONUTS WERE ONLY $10! Amazing, huh!!! I love Utah food pricing lol. 

The lighting in J's birthday picture is horrible, but the candles were melting so what u gonna do. Anyway, it was a fun lil' celebration!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Fourth Of July Celebrations

Wow I am so late at posting all of this stuff haha. Anyway, these are only pictures I took on the 4th of July! We went to J's parents house and had a bbq with his sister and her family. I made this brownie dessert and it was ok. Probably what would be better is just doing like regular frosting, instead of cream cheese (and easier, too!). Anyway, that was basically it! It was a nice, lay low day!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Tucker's 3rd Birthday

Tucker turned 3 a few weeks ago so we threw him a party lol. It was so cute watching him eat his cake. Yes, those are 0s and not os lol. We are not perfectionists over here! Anyway, I kinda want to invite dog friends for next year's party lol. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Our 5 Year Anniversary!

It's so weird to me that we've been married for 5 years haha. It doesn't seem like I am old enough? But then again I did get married when I was 19 lol. Anyway, marriage has been good and I feel like we have done such fun, adventurous things! It has been fun to accomplish goals together!

We were going to go up to Salt Lake for our anniversary dinner (we were still living with my mom at the time) but when the time came we didn't feel like it, so we just went to The Ridge haha. I had the best fish n' chips in Vancouver and it sounded so good, so I got some but let me tell you: FISH N CHIPS IN A MOUNTAIN/DESERT STATE IS NOT GOOD LOL. J liked his pizza though, and the cookie/ice cream dessert is SOOOOO GOOD. 

A few years ago they had this pretzel and cheese fondue dip that was SO GOOD. Like it was literally at the top of my list of food I wanted to eat when I came back to Utah when we lived out East. BUT THEY GOT RID OF IT. Anyway, I keep going back hoping they will have it and they don't lol. It's so sad. If any of you know of a place where I can get pretzel and cheese fondue, let me know!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Mexico Day 5

This was our last day! We ate breakfast at Blue Gecko and I would DEFINITELY recommend the breakfast burrito. 

Like all the other days, we spend most of the day at the pool. 

We ate dinner at Gustino, one of the hotel restaurants. It was so cute. They had a girl playing an instrument there (don't ask me which one) and she had blue hair and was the neatest person. They brought us out the cutest surprise dessert for our anniversary and gave J a rose to give to me lol. Other things they did that I didn't photograph was bring out a little cheese, apple, and meat board and a "palette cleansing" ice cream. 

All in all, it was a nice trip! It was nice to just sit back and relax by the pool all day. Now we are back in Utah and trying to get our house arranged and cleaned! Our bed actually came earlier this week but the box was SUPER damaged and so was the bed inside, so we are having to send it back and get a replacement! I think I am going to get this couch from Wal-Mart (I know but it is actually so cute!) next month though and I am so excited. I think it will be so cute! 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mexico Day 4

Can you tell I loved our view? It was so pretty! I love being by the ocean, which is so weird because I am so scared of open water lol. But I really loved living near the water in Connecticut and would love a lake house in Washington one day. 

We went to the mall and walked around a bit. I got this cute tank top (idk why they don't have purple on their site, it's so much cuter) there as my souvenir. We also went to Mexican Starbuck's and got breakfast. They had a blueberry frappuccino that was pretty good and COOKIE STRAWS. I feel like I haven't seen them recently, but maybe I am just missing them? Anyway, they are so good haha. 

We laid out and read more. We ate lunch at the hotel again. I got a Caesar salad and J got a steak quesadilla. Both were alright, BUT THE DINNER WE HAD THIS NIGHT YOU GUYS. I AM SO EXCITED TO TALK ABOUT IT. Just wait!

Ok yeah and they gave us this complimentary ceviche which was interesting? There were little octopus tentacles that gave me a frighten. 

Ok blah blah there was this cute little light guard stand that I loved. 

Ok wait this is kind of cool. So we found this huge shell! It seemed like too big to be real? I thought it was fake, but it was also banged up kind of? Anyway, if any shell experts wanna tell me if this is real or not that would be great. J was like, "Hey cool! Take a picture so we don't have to take it home." lol. 


So, we ate dinner at this placed called Porfirio's. They brought out this little chips and salsa at the beginning. It was pretty good and the chips were huge, which was fun. 

I got the pork tacos and J got the steak (?) tacos. Mine weren't that good but also not bad? Mostly I am not a huge meat lover, so I think that impacts my judgment sometimes. But anyway, they were cute and little and easy to eat, which goes a long way with me. 

OK SO THESE CHURROS. If you do nothing else in Cancun ever, GET THESE CHURROS. They were SO GOOD. AND LOOK AT THAT CART THEY COME ON. Anyway, guys, I am so obsessed with them. The different dipping sauces were vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and caramel. But maybe the cutest part was that little jug you see. It was hot chocolate! How cute! For dipping the churros!

Anyway, these churros made the whole trip. 


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mexico Day 3

Day 3 was good! We ate the hotel for breakfast, although it was like 11:00 so it was more like lunch? 
J's club sandwich was so good! I was weirdly craving a burger so bad, so I got one! #IntuitiveEatingFTW It was pretty good as well. 

Pretty much all we did this whole trip was swim, layout, and eat. It was so bright though! I had to do double glasses lol. 

Ok so my memory card broke the night before this :(. It's totally my fault because I plug it into my computer, but then will have my computer on my lap so it like, slightly bends the card. And after all these years of being slightly bent it just broke completely! I was way sad but weirdly this convenience store by our hotel had a memory card. We looked all over the story and couldn't find any, so I asked the girl at the front desk if they had them and she turned this twirly thing that was on top of a bookcase and pulled one off the hook in the back! Haha I was so happy they had one!

After that we went to McDonald's. I got chicken nuggets and they were not good. Actually, the fries weren't that good either!

We then went back to our hotel and hung out a bit! We just read more and walked along the beach. Overall, it was a v chill and fun day!

I know I said it before, but this book was SO GOOD.