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Utah, What A Great Place To Be!

Monday, June 18, 2018

So I'm slowly but surely catching up on all the photos I've taken. I officially have a job now so I will have less free time than I had before, but still more than when I was a student! Yay not being a student! Anyway, these pics were taken while we were still "visiting" Utah. We drove up to Alpine to see the natures. 

I remember driving this and being like, "Look how pretty Utah is! This is so fun!" And then after we learned we were moving here we drove this road again and I was like, "Ugh! It's so ugly!" Lol 😂 

Also I have started a food Instagram and it brings me so much joy. My favorite things to do are: eat and talking about eating. It's @emmyeatsthings! Pictured below we have Protein Foundry (which I think I need to try again and get a different bowl, I still prefer Ivie but hear the Samaba is good at Protein Foundry!), Kneader's veggie sandwich on focaccia (SO GOOD), and Dog Haus lol. J ordered the $1 hot dog and thought it was going to be full sized, but it was little hahahahah. It was so funny. I tried the veggie dog with the veggie sausage and it was pretty good! It is a different taste from like a traditional hot dog, obviously, but I approve.

Also J got a motorcycle lol. He probably loves it more than me.

Last here is this picture of Tucker I got after he sneezed. Enjoy!



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