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Moving Across The Country: More Anticlimatic Than You'd Think

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Ok so I already posted a little bit about where we ended up moving, but at this point in time, when we were packing up our apartment, we still thought we were moving to Seattle. 

So, basically after we went into New York City and did graduation celebration things, we came home and packed up our apartment. We decided to use a Ubox and my feelings on it are mixed? It did end up getting to Seattle, although it was late and it was very hard to get in contact with people to track it. They are supposed to give you $50 per each day it's late, and so far we haven't receive that refund. Also, our box is currently being shipped from Seattle to Utah (remember we didn't know we were moving to Utah until we were literally here) so I also can't speak to how well our stuff survive without being damaged. 

Tucker was obviously very safe on the trip lol. We got him a seatbelt and harness and luckily they didn't seem to bother him!

We began the trip with bagels. You could get these rainbow bagels at just ordinary places in Connecticut and it was so fun. 

So originally I was like, "We can stop at all the signs and take a picture in front of them!" But then they turned out to be in really weird places where you can't just stop (like next to the freeway) so I settled for pictures from the side of the road... and then later for no pictures at all lol. 

We almost went to Scranton! But then it would have been out of the way and also what do you do there? Anyway, lol at Scranton.

Ah. See what I told you? I quickly gave up on the states sign idea lol. I have no idea what one this is Maybe Ohio? Maybe Indiana? I'm thinking Indiana.

So this marks the end of day 1! Connecticut -> New York -> Pennsylvania -> Ohio -> Indiana! MY HUSBAND IS A BEAST! I can't believe he drove that whole thing! 12 hours!!!

So that night we decided to stop in Indiana and ended up staying by Notre Dame on accident lol. I used Hotel Tonight (not sponsored) and we scored a $200+ hotel room for like $60! V good deal if you ask me.

TUCKER ON THE OTHER HAND. HE WAS A HOT MESS. First of all he wouldn't go through the sliding automatic doors into the hotel. I was checking in and have no idea how J ended up getting him in. So, then J went upstairs with our baggage. I tried to get Tucker into the elevator to go upstairs and he would NOT. Like he was whining and making such a scene lol. So then I gave up and thought we would just use the stairs. NOPE. Keep in mind the stairs and elevator were in the lobby next to the bar and restaurant, so everyone was just sitting and watching me try to get my dog to participate lol. Very embarrassing.

Finally I asked the barista if I could have a cup of whipped cream hoping he could be bribed. She gave me one and was so nice, but Tucker still would NOT get on the elevator. He is also like 50 pounds and I can not lift that lol. So finally J came back downstairs and picked him up. Guys, it was so weird. We have actually never picked him up before just because we got him when he was full grown and he is big. But when J picked him up he made the WEIRDEST noise we had ever heard lol. We were both laughing and so confused. We got in the elevator and I held the whipped cream up to his mouth and he would NOT eat it lol. It was such a weird situation. 

He ended up sleeping ok throughout the night, but the next morning would also not come out of the hotel room. Like this is what he did. He would whine and pant and then go hid somewhere while I stood in the doorway. So we had to carry him then too lol. 

This is him hating being carried. He wouldn't even lift his head up! Or move at all! He just limped out the whole time and looked down. It was so weird and also kind of sad, but what else can you do!

We stopped for breakfast at Bigby Coffee where we interacted with the nicest person we have ever interacted with. I don't know quite how to explain it, but the girl there was the most friendly, cheeriest, nicest person I have ever seen lol. 

We made it to Illinois! When I originally planned this trip I was like, "Oh we can stop at all these places!" But then once we started driving we figured we could come back for a real trip some other time (without Tucker) and just wanted to get there. 

I think this is Iowa now? Not sure. But yes, J did drive very beast mode this day too. Keep reading to see how far we went lol. 

Tucker woke up from a nap and looked very crazed lol.

I spread fake news that J was eating at KFC (he has a thing against KFC, idk) when it was actually a KFC/Taco Bell combo. But still, v valuable and funny picture. 

When we were in Iowa we got caught in a crazy rainstorm! Like it was seriously raining so incredibly hard we pulled over and waited it out. It was so funny because on my app, it said the rain would stop in 10 minutes and it did! It was so weirdly accurate.

We were pleased to see Tucker discovered that he could sleep with his legs stretched!

UGH THIS PICTURE! Ok, so my grandma told us Nebraska was her worst state to drive through when she moved and SHE WAS RIGHT! It was soooo bad driving through Nebraska lol. We had passed through Omaha a lot earlier in the day and J still had energy and wanted to keep driving. So, the day went on and then we got to Wyoming. It started getting dark but we didn't love the hotel options in the area of Wyoming that we were in. So we decided to drive an hour in the dark and aim for Cheyenne. 


First of all it was so scary driving with the darkness chasing us. Second of all, we were in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. Like, everywhere you looked for miles there was absolutely nothing. And we were going to continue to be in that in the dark. NOT GOOD. Second, when we were maybe 30-40 minutes outside Wyoming, it started RAINING. Like, rain storming. We could barely see anything but thankfully had someone in front of us at this point who we followed. I was having anxiety attacks and had to put on Bon Iver lol. J was telling me he wasn't scared but later (when we were safe) was like, "HOLY CRAP!" lol. 

Needless to say, we made it to a nice hotel in Cheyenne after a very scary hour driving in the dark in the rain. This time we just picked Tucker up first thing and carried him to the hotel room. 

And that marks the end of day 2! Indiana -> Iowa -> Nebraska -> Wyoming.

He was less weird in this hotel, but still kind of weird? In hindsight, I think we should have brought his kennel into the hotels so he felt safe. Can you spot him in the below picture? Lol. 

The next day (so day 3) we finally made it to Utah! We were very happy to be back (remember this time in life I still thought this was a fun pit stop on the way to Washington LOL). The mountains truly seemed greener haha. 

My mother left us a cute little welcome to Utah treat (my fave chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting). And that was pretty much the end of the trip! It would be another week (maybe 2?) before we learned that we would be staying here. Also, I feel I should tell the short story of how weird Tucker was at my mom's house. He wouldn't come up her porch stairs in the backyard or step outside of the carpet in the living room. I think it took him 2 days to be able to go up and down the stairs in the backyard (THANK GOODNESS because we were putting him in the kennel and then picking the kennel up to get him out there lol). And maybe 5ish days to leave the carpet and explore the rest of the house. We have been here for maybe a month now and he will go everywhere upstairs, but won't even consider coming downstairs. So weird but whatever. Maybe he has puppy traumas.

Anyway, there you have it! The whole story of our move across the country! I honestly feel like it was fine? Like nothing major happened other than that one scary rainstorm in Wyoming. But it was fine. I am so glad J was so hype and drove the whole time lol. I think if we were driving to real life and jobs it could have been a different story! But yeah, overall I like that we did it as fast as possible and are now a bit more settled! I don't know if we'll be moving east again. We are definitely more west coast people and are planning to stay that way!



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