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Last Day Of School? How Did I Not Blog About This Before?

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How did I never post about my last day of school? Lulz. I am so scattered with all my stuff on here it's crazy. So basically this was May 9th. It was my last day of school and I almost didn't go (you know how much I love not being somewhere I am supposed to be lol) but last second decided to just do it. I had a presentation and also didn't want to risk not getting magna cum laude (which I ended up not getting anyway because I had a B+ in art therapy, of all classes!). 

So here, we are. My last day riding the subway to school! I stopped at Starbuck's before school, which I usually don't do. While I waiting for my drink this guy started complimenting my outfit and called it "Indian/European". He asked where I got it and I just said "It was a gift". Then he was like, "Did an Indian guy give it to you?" 

In my first class I was sitting on the end and the professor was deciding which end to start on for presentations. I could have been first! But I was luckily last (well we did weird seat switching things so I was like 3rd to last, but I still got to cut my presentation short without losing points, so still a win!) After class, my friend and I got açaí bowls and ate at Washington Square park. I feel like it was inclement weather most of the time I was in the city for school, so I really didn't food explore too much. So it was fun to get out toward the end and do some stuff!

I'm looking in my notes on my phone and I guess nothing else notable happened in school. So I'll skip to this. 

Last time walking out of class! Last time waiting for the subway! 

(By the way while I was here someone asked me for directions and I could answer and it was such a neat moment lol. I don't/didn't consider myself a New Yorker AT ALL, but I still think it is cool to know the city well enough to direct someone lol)

Last time riding the subway! Last time taking the escalators to Grand Central!

Last time walking through Grand Central! Last time catching the 9:12 train home!

Last time snacking on the train! It was so funny, while I was checking out at the register I heard a woman behind me in line say "great minds think alike!" and looked down to see she was buying white cheddar popcorn and vitamin water as well lol.

Also J got me this cute plant to celebrate my last day of school ever! I definitely transported it across the country when we moved and right now it is doing well upstairs at my mom's house lol.

To end, here is a cute picture of Tucker wearing the shirt J is wearing in the above photo because it shrunk after we washed it lol.


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