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5 Year Anniversary!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Lmao I just went to schedule a post and saw that tomorrow (today, if you are reading this on the 28th) is our anniversary! Happy anniversary to us, then! Actually, I'm going to add in my favorite photo of us from each year we've been married below!

2012: The year we met!

This was when we were going to ring in the New Year together but I feel asleep in our blanket fort and J sent this pic to my family lol. 

2013: The year we got engaged and married!

This is my favorite photo from our engagements. 

2014: Lol we so we call each other "bb" which then escalated to "two beebs in a pod", and I then photoshopped us into a pea pod and it's one of my favorite photos to date. 

This was taken on one of our many camping trips!

Christmas photos!

2015: As you can tell it has been hard for me to choose just one from each year!

Photographing my friend's wedding

Both of these are from my uncle's wedding on Bainbridge Island! 

2016: This was the year we FINALLY moved out of Utah! First to New York, then to Connecticut!

My favorite picture of us from our short time in New York. 

From our trip to Japan!

2017: This was the hardest year to choose from because my picture game was ON.

From our trip to Maine!

One random and one from our trip to Harry Potter World!

I love this one from when we went to Vermont.

All in favor of J bringing his man bun back say "I"! I miss is so much. This one is from our photos we got done in Connecticut. The one on the right is the cutest street we happened upon while in midtown one day.

Tucker finally making an appearance! I love this one for some reason. 

My favorite of us from our trip to Ireland!

2018: 2018 is young, but here's my favorite so far! From when we had an X-Files party (with ourselves) to celebrate its return haha. 

Overall it's been a fun 5 years! Would recommend marriage/partnership. 

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