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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hi. Me again. I'm dairy blogging two days in a row, are you proud?

I am trying to be a lot more authentic. By this I mean saying what I think, regardless of the backlash I might get. Or dressing how I want, regardless of the stares and judgement. Or saying no, regardless of if someone else is choosing to be sad because of it.

Basically just being The Truest Version Of Myself.

It's been so funny because I forgot most of my Instagram following is in Utah. I have run into so many people here who I knew before Instagram, but who now follow me on Instagram and see all my real stuff. At first I was like "Is this weird? Am I being too open on social media and letting everyone know too much?" But then, after thinking about it, I realized I think it's really cool and love it so much lol. Because all of those people I ran into had REAL things to say. Our short conversations weren't about the weather or like "how have you been" type of stuff. They were REAL topics. And I really like that! And I'm glad that I have been able to connect with people on a deeper level.

Anyway, to anyone who has every stopped me on the street, or sent me a DM, or sent me mail, or texted me, or called me to tell me that they appreciate what I am doing on social media with all the real stuff. THANK YOU.

I truly often consider if I should stop, because sometimes I feel like it alienates me from certain people or makes people feel judged or annoyed or sad. Or I feel like I am coming off condescending or judgmental or just as TOO MUCH.

So, the sincerest thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has encouraged me to keep on doing what I'm doing. I always tell my husband that even if what I post helps one person, it's worth it in my book. Freaking mental health is WORTH IT. If no one else in Utah is going to normalize it and I gotta pave that way and lose some respect while I do, THE WAY SHALL BE PAVED. (For the record there are a lot of really cool people in Utah already paving way lol)

I don't know. This post has been all over the place, but I guess I just want to end by letting all you people who support my social media stuff (the real stuff, not the influencer stuff (we do not talk about that time of my life lol)) know that I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU.

You mean more to me than you think you do! Like, seriously. There have been times when a DM or a comment have given me the strength to push through allllll the crap. And there's been a lotta crap.

So, here's to you: The Community Of Really Cool Internet People, Some Of Whom I Know In Real Life And Some Of Whom I Hope To One Day. (Whom? Who? Correct me.)

You are my lifesavers. You are the true heroes. 



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