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Thursday, June 28, 2018

5 Year Anniversary!

Lmao I just went to schedule a post and saw that tomorrow (today, if you are reading this on the 28th) is our anniversary! Happy anniversary to us, then! Actually, I'm going to add in my favorite photo of us from each year we've been married below!

2012: The year we met!

This was when we were going to ring in the New Year together but I feel asleep in our blanket fort and J sent this pic to my family lol. 

2013: The year we got engaged and married!

This is my favorite photo from our engagements. 

2014: Lol we so we call each other "bb" which then escalated to "two beebs in a pod", and I then photoshopped us into a pea pod and it's one of my favorite photos to date. 

This was taken on one of our many camping trips!

Christmas photos!

2015: As you can tell it has been hard for me to choose just one from each year!

Photographing my friend's wedding

Both of these are from my uncle's wedding on Bainbridge Island! 

2016: This was the year we FINALLY moved out of Utah! First to New York, then to Connecticut!

My favorite picture of us from our short time in New York. 

From our trip to Japan!

2017: This was the hardest year to choose from because my picture game was ON.

From our trip to Maine!

One random and one from our trip to Harry Potter World!

I love this one from when we went to Vermont.

All in favor of J bringing his man bun back say "I"! I miss is so much. This one is from our photos we got done in Connecticut. The one on the right is the cutest street we happened upon while in midtown one day.

Tucker finally making an appearance! I love this one for some reason. 

My favorite of us from our trip to Ireland!

2018: 2018 is young, but here's my favorite so far! From when we had an X-Files party (with ourselves) to celebrate its return haha. 

Overall it's been a fun 5 years! Would recommend marriage/partnership. 

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Celebrating Passing My Test!

Ok so one of the good things about being back in Utah is ALL. THE. FOOD. I didn't realize how much good (and reasonably priced) food Utah has until I moved away. Now that we are back, I am flying through my list! If you have any recommendations, let me know :)

A few weeks ago we went to Mod Pizza to celebrate me passing my Social Work test (whew!). I think what I would say about Mod Pizza is that it is good pizza, but there are other pizzas that I think are a little better and pizza places with better dessert options. That being said, it wasn't bad pizza! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Happy List

So I have been keeping happy lists in my phone for the past month or so instead of on here! So, here's a happy list dump!


How immediately dogs get up to follow you when you leave the room. 

My mom and I went to Little Caesar's and she ordered an "extra moist pizza" instead of the "extra cheese pizza" lol. We had already been through the drive-thru 10 minutes before to get a gift card, so the second time around when we were leaving, she said to the drive-thru employee with a big smile on her face "we won't come back again!" and the kid was so confused. 

There is a bakery outlet by my house that says "we are more than just bread." on it's street sign.

One day I slept in until noon, which was really unusual. I went into the bathroom and when I came out saw Tucker was waiting for me, laying right against the door and very concerned with my change of schedule haha. 

I was trying to apply to NEDA (the National Eating Disorder Association) and accidentally paid $50 to apply to NEDA (the Northeast Economic Development Association) haha. They did give me a refund though. 

J: "This song is definitely mood AF."

A woman at the grocery store let me go first because I had less items than she did. 

My total at the grocery store was $10 even.

Seeing an ant. 

We were out to eat and I said to J, "We could share one and if you like it you could go get another one?" and J said, "Yeah. Or I could always go to Taco Bell after if I'm still hungry."

A girl at CVS complimented my glasses. 

I saw a girl with a crop top that said, "bitch relax". 

A lady on the train complimented my jacket. 

Seeing a girl check her makeup in a Snapchat while walking. 

Someone walked in the classroom from one door, at the exact same time as someone walked out of the classroom from another. 

Standing on the subway perfectly so you get off right at the exit on the next stop. 

J thought neon was a color lmao. 

When Tucker shoves the bathroom door open when J goes into the bathroom. 

A girl closing her eyes while listening to music. 

I saw a guy in a fabulous purple suit, and then a block later walked by an older couple having a conversation about him and how he always wears fun, bold color suits. 

Talking with a cute older lady at the dog park. 

The smell of dogs after they play in the rain. 

Tucker's face before I throw his ball. 

Seeing a couple kiss at Grand Central. 

The subway announcer announcing each stop with a trill in his voice lol. 

I got to the train station at 8:45, but because of train delays, I made the 8:36 (usually) train instead of having to wait until the 9:06. AND found a seat by the window. 

The barista upgraded my hot chocolate to a size large. 

Seeing a store called Wayward that looked so cute.

How nice everyone in Seattle and Portland was. 

Tucker cuddled with me and we both fell asleep. 

In movies when cops get out of the car and put their cop hats on lol. 

Having a conversation with a guy at the grocery store about the dog bone I was holding, which led to us talking about his daughter's new puppy. 

Seeing the sunrise. 

The smell of fresh flowers as I was going to bed. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Tibble Fork Yo

A few weeks ago we took Tucker to Tibble Fork and it turns out he LOVES HIKING. We went on one of the baby hikes there and he was just like, going crazy lol.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Last Day Of School? How Did I Not Blog About This Before?

How did I never post about my last day of school? Lulz. I am so scattered with all my stuff on here it's crazy. So basically this was May 9th. It was my last day of school and I almost didn't go (you know how much I love not being somewhere I am supposed to be lol) but last second decided to just do it. I had a presentation and also didn't want to risk not getting magna cum laude (which I ended up not getting anyway because I had a B+ in art therapy, of all classes!). 

So here, we are. My last day riding the subway to school! I stopped at Starbuck's before school, which I usually don't do. While I waiting for my drink this guy started complimenting my outfit and called it "Indian/European". He asked where I got it and I just said "It was a gift". Then he was like, "Did an Indian guy give it to you?" 

In my first class I was sitting on the end and the professor was deciding which end to start on for presentations. I could have been first! But I was luckily last (well we did weird seat switching things so I was like 3rd to last, but I still got to cut my presentation short without losing points, so still a win!) After class, my friend and I got açaí bowls and ate at Washington Square park. I feel like it was inclement weather most of the time I was in the city for school, so I really didn't food explore too much. So it was fun to get out toward the end and do some stuff!

I'm looking in my notes on my phone and I guess nothing else notable happened in school. So I'll skip to this. 

Last time walking out of class! Last time waiting for the subway! 

(By the way while I was here someone asked me for directions and I could answer and it was such a neat moment lol. I don't/didn't consider myself a New Yorker AT ALL, but I still think it is cool to know the city well enough to direct someone lol)

Last time riding the subway! Last time taking the escalators to Grand Central!

Last time walking through Grand Central! Last time catching the 9:12 train home!

Last time snacking on the train! It was so funny, while I was checking out at the register I heard a woman behind me in line say "great minds think alike!" and looked down to see she was buying white cheddar popcorn and vitamin water as well lol.

Also J got me this cute plant to celebrate my last day of school ever! I definitely transported it across the country when we moved and right now it is doing well upstairs at my mom's house lol.

To end, here is a cute picture of Tucker wearing the shirt J is wearing in the above photo because it shrunk after we washed it lol.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Utah, What A Great Place To Be!

So I'm slowly but surely catching up on all the photos I've taken. I officially have a job now so I will have less free time than I had before, but still more than when I was a student! Yay not being a student! Anyway, these pics were taken while we were still "visiting" Utah. We drove up to Alpine to see the natures. 

I remember driving this and being like, "Look how pretty Utah is! This is so fun!" And then after we learned we were moving here we drove this road again and I was like, "Ugh! It's so ugly!" Lol 😂 

Also I have started a food Instagram and it brings me so much joy. My favorite things to do are: eat and talking about eating. It's @emmyeatsthings! Pictured below we have Protein Foundry (which I think I need to try again and get a different bowl, I still prefer Ivie but hear the Samaba is good at Protein Foundry!), Kneader's veggie sandwich on focaccia (SO GOOD), and Dog Haus lol. J ordered the $1 hot dog and thought it was going to be full sized, but it was little hahahahah. It was so funny. I tried the veggie dog with the veggie sausage and it was pretty good! It is a different taste from like a traditional hot dog, obviously, but I approve.

Also J got a motorcycle lol. He probably loves it more than me.

Last here is this picture of Tucker I got after he sneezed. Enjoy!