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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Post All You Have Been Waiting For About Where We Are Moving

Hi guys. So basically a lot of you are probably here from Instagram because I could not put this whole thing into a caption. So, welcome to my favorite social media platform!

Anyway, this story is meant to be dramatic and funny and make you smile! So don't be afraid to laugh or giggle, but also know that my feelings toward all this are very real and very real tears have been shed lol. 

Anyway, so basically we have been all over the place with deciding where we want to move. We have been debating between Portland, Seattle, and Denver. We visited each of these places and decided on... Seattle! So, J applied for a job, interviewed, and... didn't get it. We were sad, but just kept applying for jobs (I should mention J was working remote for his Connecticut job). 

Moving time came. We debated between a trailer or pod, ended up choosing a pod, filling it with all our stuff, and shipping it to Seattle with an arrival date of June 1. J wanted to stop in Utah for a little vacation on the way to Washington. So, here we are in Utah, still applying to jobs in Seattle, with the plan to leave for Seattle on May 31.

Now, just imagine for a second you are running a marathon. You've been training for it for years and you're doing it! You're running the marathon! You're feeling so great and accomplished and like this is it. You are doing that thing you always wanted to do! People said you couldn't, but look at you now! You're doing it! You turn a corner and there it is! The finish line!! It's in sight and it's so beautiful and symbolic of everything you've worked for all these years! You're 50 feet away now... 40 feet away... 30 feet away... 20 feet away!!

And then a rogue football (which you have NO IDEA where it came from because you are on a marathon path and where are the people playing football???) hits you square in the face. 

You fall to the ground, 20 feet from the finish line, and are left there with a bleeding, broken nose. Blood mixes with tears as you are rushed off the marathon path and to the emergency room, never to finish the race. 

My rogue football hit me in the face yesterday morning at 8:24 am. 

J woke me up in a frenzy, wanting desperately to talk.

Naturally I thought someone had died.  But, as it turned out, the only thing that died was our plan to move to Seattle.


They say marriage is all about compromise. And I guess that's true. When I decided I wanted to go to NYU for grad school, J was happy to go (Then again, he is the mellowest person on this PLANET. When isn't he happy to do something?). I wanted to return the favor, so we decided J could go to grad school wherever he wanted. (Even Texas which I am so scared of! Big steps!) So, the tentative plan was that we would live in Seattle for a few years, I would get the 2nd license to practice therapy in private practice (it takes 3 years) and then J would apply for grad school in Utah and we would move to Utah for his grad school years.

This compromise is both of us having a "card" we can use to go somewhere for a limited amount of time. I used my card for my NYU grad school dreams and J would use his card for his own grad school dreams in a few years (because there is no way in hell you could get me in Utah without using J's card)


So, at 8:24 am yesterday morning, "the card" was finally played.

J.C. has accepted a "dream job, 10/10 Em!" in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Now, there are two people inside of me right now. There is one person who is extremely happy for my husband who has this amazing dream job. This person knows this is a good move for our future and will make our lives when we finally do get to Seattle (which we are still planning on after this!) more comfortable. This person is happy her husband got this opportunity and knows how much he has wanted an experience like it.

However, there is the other person who still has a bleeding nose from the rogue football.


At this current time, 80% of my energy is going toward my bleeding nose and all the anxieties that are coming with that. It's no secret that Utah isn't my favorite place to live (for a variety of reasons, don't take it personal). I always knew we'd try to come back for J's grad school, but I thought that was going to be in like 3 years when I'd had more time to live outside of Utah and explore. I feel like we were outside of it for like 2 seconds and are now back again.

There are other anxieties too, like the fact that I already applied for my 1st therapy license in Washington and now have to apply in Utah (a long, annoying process). And how I didn't have to take a 170 question exam in Washington, but I do in Utah. And how I have to take the exam to get the license, and have to have the license to get a job... So basically I can get a job in like 3? months/?? And also how there is 1 eating disorder clinic in Utah, compared to the 3 in Seattle. And how most Utah therapy jobs are requesting the 2nd therapy license (the one that takes 2-3 years). Not to mention the fact that I am finding minimal cute, updated houses for rent in Salt Lake City that also allow dogs. Oh, and everything we own is still in a pod to Seattle.


So, I guess that's all there is to say! We are still planning on moving to Seattle after this. So, that makes me happy. And this career move will just mean we can be more comfortable in Seattle, so that makes me happy too. I know I will get over this initial bleeding nose shock from the rogue football in due time and will then be a much better wife who can put 100% energy toward being happy for her husband's new job. It will just take a minute! Tanks to the people who I have told so far who have said nice things!

Anyway, we are currently at my mom's house looking for places in Salt Lake. If you know of any that are cute, updated, with fenced backyards and allow Tuckers, please let me know! Also if there have been any good food places that have popped up in the past few years, please let me know of those as well! I am going to start all my social stuff back up (I want to do a book club, potentially run some body positivity groups, knitting night, Bachelor parties, etc.) too so keep ur eyes peeled!

- - - - -

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Chill As A Vill

This is me making an effort to get back into daily journalling on here. (I always say this and never do it, but I now have a Wunderlist task to repeat ever night and remind me to write lol. I also have my phone set to kick me off for the rest of the night at that exact time. So we'll see if it sticks!)

Basically today was the first Tuesday I didn't have to go to my internship and it felt GOOD!!!

I picked up my prints and am so pleased! I am doing an Office series right now and they are SO CUTE. IMO... lol. I am going to put some mad time into making a dope Etsy once we are moved and stuff, but in the mean time I am selling them on my Instagram stories, so go check it out if you want one! Oh, also I am putting 100% of profit I make doing artz to repay my student loan. So far I have paid back .003%. Does this mean I haven't sold a lot of art or does this mean I have a ginormous loan? Well, I will tell you... BOTH. Lol. Anyway, we are running more deals on the Jane and Groopdealz next month, and I am most excited for those. So, anyway! Good things!

I have also begun packing up out apartment. I packed up the bookshelf last night and organized my closet into "clothes I can pack" and "clothes I want to take with me on the move" so that is v nice. Oh and I packed up the TV stand but then we ran out of tape. So, I will pack more later. I really hope we will be able to fit everything into the 5x8 moving trailer, but I guess the 6x12 wouldn't be bad either. I am mainly scared of having to pull it across the country and maybe it will throw off the weight distribution and literally we will die??? BRB going to go buy Tucker a dog seatbelt. 

Ok I am back and it turns out there is a lot of options for dog seatbelts. Idk I just get nervous about like if something were to happen and Tucker would go flying. I feel it's worth the investment.

- - - - -