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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

So, as I was saying yesterday, we headed back to Portland to catch our red eye flight. Necessary stops were made at Starbuck's (which we do have here but hey it's good) for a pink drink and Jimmy John's (which we don't have here and miss greatly) for a #6.

In Portland we drove around downtown and went to Cathedral Park. I can't believe how pretty Cathedral Park was!!!! I'll let the photos do the talking.

This hoodie I have been wearing on repeat can be found here!

Our last stop before the airport was Blue Star Donuts! I think I got strawberry basil... or something like that. I remember it being v delicious! J got something poppyseed and said it was ok but not his fave. 

After that, we caught our flight and went home! We got into New York at 7:00am and were welcomed back by the shuttle to our car being late (they were on the other side of this area we were supposed to meet and never called us or told us there was another side lol), our shuttle driver arguing with his boss about money when he was supposed to be getting our car (like literally right in front of us with our car keys in his hand lol #priorities) and some drama at work! We were like, "welcome home!!" lol. Needless to say, our personalities are definitely not made for New York or Connecticut (idk if there are other "mean" states in the northeast, but I am just speaking from my experience). 

Anyway! It was a good little trip and I'm glad we did it! I have two weeks left of my internship and only a few weeks of school after that! So it all really feels so close. I feel like my "real life" is about to begin and I'm excited!

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