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The One Where I Got Traumatized At A McDonald's

Monday, January 22, 2018

Yesterday we took Tuck to the dog park. It was soooo muddy. It was muddy again today, actually. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! One of my favorite things to do right now on Sundays is get treats from the Goodwill vending machine and then drive around. (Also, I took this picture right when J was telling me a story about a mean guy lol. That look of disgust!)


Where we live in Connecticut, there aren't a lot of... scenic drives? I guess? Like in Utah we would always drive up the canyon into the mountains. Here they have a beach by us, but everything else is pretty residential. So we just end up driving by really nice houses haha. But yesterday I couldn't remember the way we usually go, so we kind of just drove random places. (Creepily enough at one point we popped out RIGHT next to the dog park, which is why we took him haha.) 

We ended up finding this really pretty wooded street! I think it was called Staples street? It was in Easton, if anyone wants to go.

I didn't get a picture of the both of us, but we both wore camo hahaha. I just got this camo set (from here, for those who have been asking on IG) and I am IN LOVE. It is so soft and fits perfectly. I want to get more pajama/sweat sets. 


Also can someone please be proud that I continued to take pictures after I saw a runner coming my way?

Like, so pretty, right?!?! I always feel so awkward having J take my pictures, even though we've been married for 4 years lol. Just me?

I don't actually have social anxiety or anything, but I am probably on the spectrum somewhere haha. Like I feel so uncomfortable doing the most random things, like having to push a regular sized grocery cart in the grocery store. Omg wait I have to interrupt myself to tell a story that I can not forget because it was CRAZY!!! 

Ok so we were at our second McDonald's getting drinks and I was just making an Instagram video to be funny (because were at our SECOND MCDONALD'S). So I was recording J get his credit card back from the girl and drive to the next window. The girl at the next window saw my phone and immediately said, "I don't consent to being recorded!!" and I said, "Oh I was just recording the sign." (I obviously panicked haha.) And put my phone down, but I had stopped recording so it was playing the video I had just taken. She was like, "I can see myself on your phone. I don't consent to being recorded!" And so I was like, "Oh ok, I'll delete it." And she just stood there and stared me down. I wasn't about to be like, "See?? I deleted it!!" Because I just felt like it was such a weird request and the video I was taking was about the drinks, not some slam video about McDonald's employees haha. So she just stared me down and then we drove off.... 

IS THAT NOT THE WEIRDEST THING YOU'VE EVER HEARD?!?! Like first of all, I am an adult woman here with my husband, not a teenager who is trying to prank you for YouTube. Second, can you just like, say it nicer? Like I've heard, "Sorry, you can't record in here!" before. But this was NeXt LeVeL you guys. Like she was PISSED I would dare take my phone out in the McDonald's drive thru and get her in it haha. 

Please keep in mind I am from Utah where people are like, SO NICE. We moved to New York where people are so mean, and then to Connecticut where people aren't as mean as they are in New York, but definitely not as nice as people in Utah. It just bums me out to have such negative experiences with strangers all the time haha. It kind of makes you feel unwelcome? Or like you are doing something wrong? Like I will most likely never record anything for Instagram stories in front of a stranger again ahah. #scarred. 

If you can shed some light onto why this girl was so mean and adamant about me not recording her, please let me know. Because I am SHOOK at this moment and feel super bad. Like I broke someone's personal boundary or something. If I was like, Zoella or something I could understand. But I am literally just some random girl trying to make jokes about herself on Instagram? So, plz shed some light onto what happened in this situation. Needless to say I will never go back to that McDonald's haha.

(P.S. I am literally writing this post in the bathroom because Tucker is being so annoying.)


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