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The Eve Of Christmas Eve (Ireland - Day 5)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The next morning we started the drive back to Dublin. It actually wasn't as bad as we thought it would be! Driving in a different county was super fun and didn't feel like a "chore". Like I said before, I am convinced we should rent cars for all our future trips. 

Ok also look at how cute the houses there were. They were like, modern cottages! I loved it. And how cute was the yellow door by our hotel? 

Our hotel was so cute! We stayed at Harrington Hall and I really liked it. It was central to all the things we wanted to do and had a good view! I loved the bathroom too. I really want to tile our future bathroom now lol.

After we checked in, we wandered around for a bit. It was so much busier than we thought it was going to be. From what people said about "everything shutting down during Christmas" I thought there would be like 0 people. But there were actually quite a few people out and about!

We almost went to Bunsen again, but decided to try somewhere else out. So, we went to Eddie Rockets. It was good, but if I could go back I would get Bunsen again lol. They were too good!

After lunch we toured a jail. It was v eerie! Also did you know they used to put everyone in the same cell, including children?! That freaks me out!

After that, we wandered around Dublin a bit more. Grafton street was straight magic! We found the cutest little market and bought some souvenirs and got donuts (Krust Bakery) for the night! 

The donuts were so good! They had "cronuts" and they were amazing. They weren't filled with anything which I loved a lot. The flavors at Krust Bakery and The Rolling Donut were different enough that I would recommend both! Krust Bakery has the cronuts and more exotic/crazy donuts, and The Rolling Donut has vegan options, if that helps your decision at all.

I am trying to convince J to do one of those Instagram accounts that makes fun of their blogger wives lol. For every picture I have of myself, I have the exact same one of J, since I show him how I want it and then have him take it haha. 

After we got back to the hotel we watched John Wick lol. I loved that the whole movie was based off of him getting revenge for his dog lol.


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