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The Cliffs Of Insanity!!!! (Ireland - Day 4)

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ok so lol at this day. The mean people on TripAdvisor told us that we might not be able to see the Cliffs of Moher because it would be too foggy. We were driving close enough past it anyway on our way to Galway, so we decided to just see for ourselves. Well, it was SO FOGGY! This was pretty much the only semi-fail of the trip. Although, I still thought it was fun to walk around and see the castle that was there. And I am always down for driving around, so I wasn't mad about the drive to and from the foggy cliffs either. But, I do want to go back one day to see them! Probably in the summer lol. 

We found the prettiest view driving on our way to the hotel. I could literally drive around Ireland all day. 

Lol these gas stations named "Emo".

We stayed at Kinvara Guesthouse and really liked it! The furniture was nice and modern (which I care about a lot) and it was pretty quiet. Would recommend. 

After we dropped our stuff off we went and explored Galway, which I LOVED. I would love to do a few days there. It was just the cutest little town!

We ate at The Pie Maker which was AMAZING for so many reasons. First, look at it. Does it not look straight out of Harry Potter?? Like I swear to you that is the actual same font. 

Second of all, the inside was just as cute and quaint as you'd expect it to be. Third, the pies were AMAZING! Mine was a vegetable and eggplant something. I wasn't expecting the world, but the world was actually delivered. I need to figure out how to recreate it. It was all pureed and mixed together. If that makes any sense. They also had root beer which was for sure not as good as what we've had in the U.S., but it was nice to have the option, since we couldn't find it that many other places.

J got a meat pie and it was really good too. I really didn't want to leave without trying one of their mince pies, because it just sounded so classic and I wanted to continue with the Harry Potter theme we had going on. 

Ok look how cute this little Santa trolley is! After dinner we just wandered around for a bit. 

They had a little Christmas market too. The little booths were v cute.

I walked away from J for like 10 second to take a picture of him in line at a booth, and these guys came up and started making jokes about how I should take a picture of them. So I did lol. 

J was very excited about these sprinkle dippers. Mainly we really liked saying the words "sprinkle dipper". Apparently, it was a 10/10.

So there was a store in Ireland called "Penney's" and I was like "Oh my gosh, this store is so cute!" And then realized it is literally Primark, they just call it Penney's for some reason lol. Anyway, they had a bunch of Harry Potter pajamas they don't have in the states, so I got two pairs. These are the silk ones, which I like except the waist band is unreal tight for pajama pants. But I still wear them because when you have silk Harry Potter pajamas, why would you not? 

Also, this was the night J hopped down to the grocery store and hooked it up big with Doritos and Dr. Pepper. Yi yi!

I am still cringing at these photos but I will probably get over it one day. This was our last day "exploring" before we headed back to Dublin for good! It was so so fun to drive around the country and explore different towns. I am also really glad it didn't rain on us that much, and we were still able to do most of what we wanted to do! 


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