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Ireland Travel Guide

Saturday, January 6, 2018

What to eat:

  • Krust Bakery - Really good donuts! They have cronuts (not filled with custard) that you have to try!
  • The Rolling Donut - Also really good donuts! And vegan options!
  • Bunsen - Single handedly the best burger I have ever had in my life. 

What to see/do:

  • Guiness Storehouse - We don't drink alcohol so we didn't do this, but I hear it's amazing and there is a cool view from the top! 
  • Christ Church Cathedral - Fun to walk around and I hear they have caroling at Christmas!
  • Dublin Castle - Super pretty and fun to walk around. 
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral - Really cool to walk around. 
  • The Temple Bar - One of the classic Dublin photos you see floating around the internet. 
  • Trinity College - They have a really cool "Beauty of the Beast Library" that is definitely worth seeing! You can buy tickets for the tour online, which is more like a self-guided tour. 
  • Grafton Street - 
  • St. Stephen's Green Shopping Center - They had a really neat Christmas display. Not sure if they have it every year, but it's worth checking out!
  • Kilmainham Gaol Jail Tour - J picked this out and it was really interesting and sad to learn about some of the things that used to go on. 
  • Dundrum - If you are there during Christmas they have a cute little (very little) Christmas market at the mall with some treats and Santa and stuff for kids. They also have A LOT of shopping. 
  • Wicklow Mountains National Park - The prettiest part of the drive is if you route yourself to the Sally Gap from Dundrum mall. 
  • Powerscourt Estate Gardens - We didn't have time to do this, but I hear it is amazing! 

Where to stay:

  • Glashaus Hotel - Really quiet area, nice views, nice furniture, fast wifi and a huge bathtub. It was by far our favorite hotel we stayed at in Dublin out of the 3 we tried. 

We just stopped here to grab some food, and it was the cutest! The shopping center there had the cutest hot chocolate stand that was a vintage VW camper! They had so much cute Christmas displays and a ton of stores. Definitely worth a stop if it's on your way!

It was a fun stop on our road trip, but I am glad we didn't spend the night there. I like the way we did it, passing through on our way to Kinsale.

What to eat:

  • Coffee Cove - Really good French toast and porridge!

What to see/do:

  • St. Colman's Cathedral - See it up close, and see it with the row houses in front of it! 
  • Row houses - You'll know you're in the right place because the street is really steep and there is a grassy patch where you can take the iconic "Cobh" photo with the cathedral and row houses.
  • Walk around the pier.

We would have loved to explore this cute little city more!

What to eat:

  • Dino's - They had the best fish and chips takeaway!

Where to stay:

  • MacDonald Kinsale Hotel - SUCH a nice hotel! Quiet, secluded, modern, nice furniture, fast wifi, hot tub, gym, pool, sauna... 10/10 would recommend. We loved it. 

Killarney/Dingle Peninsula:
What to eat:

  • Petite Delice - Yummy pastries and hot cocoa!
  • We tried a few other places but they weren't our favorite, so if you have any recommendations drop them in the comments!

What to see/do:

  • Killarney National Park - We didn't have time to do this, but I think it would have been really fun to explore. 
  • Drive the Dingle Peninsula - We slept in Killarney and drove the Dingle Peninsula! We stopped at Inch Beach and loved it! There are lots of pretty views along the way. Also, see if you can stop and see some donkeys up close! The ones we met were really friendly haha. 

Where to stay:

  • The hotel we stayed at wasn't our favorite, so if you have recommendations for people, drop them in the comments! 

We stopped here on our drive around the Dingle Peninsula and turned back home, but you could definitely drive up further, to Connor's Pass, which looked really cool.

What to eat:

  • Murphy's Ice Cream - There are a few of these around Ireland, so don't feel bad if you can't make it to this specific shop. 
  • Reel Dingle Fish - I hear this place is really good for fish and chips, but it was closed while we were there. 

What to see/do:

  • Sleigh head - This is the only thing we didn't do because of bad weather! But the girl at Murphy's was telling us it is worth seeing. 

What to eat:

  • Piemaker - They have the best pies! Savory and dessert!

What to see/do:

  • Cliffs of Moher - Ok so these aren't in Galway exactly, they were just on our way (ish) when we drove from Killarney to Galway so I am including them here. 
  • Christmas market - If you are there during Christmas there is the cutest little market at Eyre Square. 

Where to stay:

  • Kinvara Guesthouse - This is a little bit outside of Galway, but we really liked it and it was friendly to our budget! Good wifi, quiet, nice furniture, and friendly staff. 


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