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Dingle Bells, Dingle Bells, Dingle All The Way (Ireland - Day 3)

Monday, January 1, 2018

Ok so this was arguable one of the best days. We stayed in Killarney but drove the Dingle peninsula. So, we started out driving from Kinsale to Killarney, got breakfast, and then drove around the peninsula and then back to Killarney for dinner. I was worried it was going to be like, too much driving, but it was actually super fun. 

Ok so Killarney is so cute! You could easily do a day there. There is a national park near. I loved all the Christmas decorations. I'm telling you! Ireland is the cutest at Christmas!

I want to start printing more pictures from our trips. I knew immediately when I saw this little Irish pub shop, that this would be my print from our trip haha. Is it not the cutest little thing?

So, our first stop on the Dingle peninsula was Inch Beach! It was totally deserted and amazing. It was a lot different from the beaches in Connecticut. The sand was super packed and the water was out so far. It was soooo pretty and overcast! Oh, and this little cat greeted us when we parked lol. 

The drive was so pretty! There were hardly any other cars. It was amazing. I was hoping driving around Ireland would be as pretty as I wanted it to, and it definitely exceeded expectations! 

J named these donkeys (?) Junior and Senior lol. Senior was very nice and enjoyed being fed. Junior was very shy. I remember feeding horses on a walking trail when I lived in Vernal, Utah lol, so it was v nostalgic to be feeding these bbs. 

Look how pretty this view is! It was such a breath of fresh air to be somewhere with so much space and rolling hills lol. 

We stopped in the town of Dingle and is it not the cutest lil' thang? It started getting rainy at this point, so we didn't explore long. 

We did, however, eat some Murphy's ice cream, which is supposedly famous in Ireland? It was good, but I am convinced the best ice cream is at Milkcraft in Fairfield, Connecticut lol. The girl who was working at Murphy's was so nice! In fact everyone there was so nice to us, I don't know if I mentioned that before. They all wanted to know if we were staying for Christmas and where we were going to be lol. 

We ate dinner at some random place in Killarney. I think it was Carragh? Or something like that. I was honestly v hangry and this point and we just chose somewhere quickly lol. We got garlic bread that was so good! J tried shepherds pie and I got a veggie sandwich. Now that I think of it, the girl here was really nice too. 

We are such dumb tourists because we didn't know if she would bring us the check or if we had to go up front to pay. So we waited until we saw someone else do it and just copied them lol. It turns out you go up when you're done and pay, which I actually like way more? Sometimes I feel like eating out takes so long and I get annoyed lol. So it was nice to just leave when we were ready, instead of having to wait for a check and all that! 

We wandered around for a bit, since it had stopped raining and the Christmas lights were so cute. Once again, all my night pictures turned out really bad because I shot JPEG instead of RAW, but you get the idea of how cute it was. 

We loaded up on candy and went to the hotel! We almost skipped Killarney and the Dingle peninsula when I was originally planning everything, but I am so glad we added it back! It was such a fun drive and there were so many places that were different from the rest of what we saw. It was definitely worth it!


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