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Christmas Eve In Ireland! (Ireland - Day 6)

Friday, January 5, 2018

Our Christmas Eve was so good! People told us that everything would be shut down, so we were preparing for the worst, but it was actually totally fine! We started out our day in Dundrum, which is was a really huge mall and good for shopping. They had the cutest little Christmas village where we got some breakfast. Also, there was this amazing candy stand that I wish I would have taken a picture of. They had licorice that was literally 2 feet long! 

I had Wicklow National Park on our list, but we kind of decided not to do it because we thought we wouldn't have time. So when Christmas Eve rolled around and we had a lot of time, we decided to go explore. I am so glad we did. It was SO PRETTY.  

This was the Sally Gap, which was... underwhelming? Hahah but the rest of the park was so pretty and it was just a fun drive in general. 

Also, these pictures were SO HARD to edit, because they were in JPEG haha. But whatever. I feel like they are good enough and am giving up. 

How cute is this little tree someone randomly decorated for Christmas?!

This beginning part of the drive was the prettiest! I don't know what it was called exactly, but we routed ourselves to the Sally Gap from the Dundrum mall and it took us through this. SO PRETTY! It has me all sorts of hype to move to the PNW this year!

 My goal for our next trip is to do more photos where I am not super awkward lol. I always feel the need to face the camera, but I have been looking at Pinterest lately and it seems like it is a "thing" to be facing away or something? Which is actually way nice because I feel 100% more comfortable doing that lol. Notes for our next trip! 

This sheep posed perfectly! Also, you can really tell how hard it is to edit JPEGS in these photos hahaa. I'm sorry I keep bringing it up, but I feel like it was the biggest fail I have had in a longggggggg time. Probably the biggest fail before this was when I had 3 apartments freshman year lol. 

We stayed at The Academy Plaza Hotel and it was so nice! It was J's favorite hotel from the whole trip. It had a mini fridge which was SO NICE because a lot of places were closed Christmas Day! So we were able to get some foods and keep things cold. And when I say "some foods" I really just mean a foot long Toblerone and Dr. Pepper lol.

I can't remember what we ate for dinner?? Wait, we ate at Chopped earlier in the day, which was basically the same as they have in New York. It felt good to eat something healthier, since we had been slamming burgers and stuff lol. 

Honestly we are really bad at eating like, meals. Like sometimes I will cook dinner or whatever, but we kind of just eat when we are hungry. Making regular meals is one of the things I am looking forward to the least about having children lol. 

This was also the night we discovered Manhunt Unabomber. We literally watched the wholeeeeeee thing in one night lol. It was amazing and definitely worth a watch!

I am glad we had the experience of being on a trip for Christmas, but we both agree that next year we want to come home on the 23rd and do Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home! Ireland was so fun before Christmas, but I really like being in my own space for special occasions. I don't know if I would say I am a "homebody" per say, because I feel like I can travel fine and I don't like, crave being home. But, if it's a holiday or something, I just get really excited to make my own treats, do whatever we want to do, and be in our own space! I guess you could say that I am like, super independent haha. Which I think is a good thing, but I think it is really challenging, because it's hard to communicate to people and make them understand that I need the opportunity to be my own person, and for me and J to be our own family unit. I think it's probably a challenge all newly married couples go through! (I say that even though we have been married almost 5 years lol.) 

Anyway, this post took a weird, therapeutic turn, but I am leaving it because sometimes I feel like I am the only person in the world who feels these ways about things! And every time I take a chance and post these more serious things on social media, I have people reach out and tell me they are the same way and it makes me feel better haha.


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