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Becoming An Actual Gilmore Girl

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I've lived in Connecticut for a little over a year now, and I'll admit. Not that often have I felt Gilmore Girl's has an accurate depiction of what is like. This weekend though, I became an actual Gilmore Girl. Needless to say, if you want the Gilmore Girl's experience: Yes, Washington Depot was the inspiration for the town, but it is such a boring place and not worth going to. FAIRFIELD ON THE OTHER HAND. It's everything you would want from a Star's Hollow. Just like, look at how cute the shops are decorated in this post!

Oh, also I have been wearing this sweater on repeat (aka every single day) and I am not ashamed. Here's the link. YOU NEED IT. This is the sweater I used to catch all my tears during Wonder the other day haha. So, needless to say, we have been through a lot together. 

We met up for lunch with another Connecticut blogger! They do exist!! We went to Firehouse Deli which I would recommend. It's a nice quick bite. There isn't a lot of seating, just fyi. We literally got there during the busiest time haha, but luckily found a seat in the back! I got the mother-in-law wrap and really liked it! 

Meet my new, real life, in person, friend Kim! J always laughs about how I make all my friends on the internet lol. I just like, literally don't know how else to make friends? Anyway, if you are in New England go to her blog for all the things to do!

Ok so here I am as an actual Gilmore Girl sitting on the steps of a gazebo telling J I am pregnant. KIDDING I AM NOT PREGNANT. It's a joke only fans of the revival will get, probably. 

So we self-timered some pics by this cute Christmas tree in the gazebo and I was like, "Ok so my hands are always on your belly and it looks weird so I'm going to do something different this time." THIS is what I came up with you guys. I am very good at being in pictures, obviously.

Our self-timer takes three pictures in a row. The second picture was the same as the first, and this is what we came up with for the third. Why are we the most boring people? Lol. I guess that's what horrible work schedules and grad school will do to you. WE WILL BE FUN AGAIN. 

Anyway! I am writing some finals today and then I will be pretty much done with my second to last semester of grad school. YAY!!!! It does seem like it's gone by fast, but when I think of how much I have left it seems soooooo far away. I honestly don't think I can make it, sometimes! But once April gets here everything will be ok because I will be done with my internship and just have one day a week of school. I CAN DO THIS. 

My school schedule next year is... debatable. The nice thing is that my first class starts at 11:00, so I can take the 9:00 train and take Tucker on a long walk in the morning. The bad thing is that my last class gets out at 8:30 so I won't get home until like 11:00pm. I am fully planning to bring a toothbrush, face wipes, and all my night routine things to get ready for bed on the train haha.


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