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Thanksgiving Festivities

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Helloooooooo! So I can't start this post without writing to my future self about what happened with the Thanksgiving fundraiser this year. Basically I had this super cool idea for a fundraiser to support the Pine Ridge reservation but it didn't end up happening for various reasons. I couldn't get a hold of someone at Instagram to get my idea pre-approved, and didn't want to risk it getting shut down for violating any rules. I also couldn't get in touch with an agency on the reservation until a few days before I wanted to start. So I'm bummed it didn't happen, but it just means there is lots of time to prepare for next year!

So this year for Thanksgiving J's parents and sister came out to visit us. We started with breakfast at Caffe Social in Norwalk which was actually so good!! They had all these fun flavors of hot chocolate. I got Nutella and loved it! I don't think I've ever had Nutella hot chocolate I haven't liked. 

The classic eggs benedict was really good! I get mine with the yolk cooked all the way through because I hateeeeeeee runny yolks. Anyway, the restaurant was so cute too. It was v hip and modern and reminded me of 100% of restaurants in Utah lol. So! Needless to say I would definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself in little Norwalk, Connecticut lol. 

After breakfast we went to Jenning's Beach and drove around looking at all the houses. I LOVE driving around and looking at houses. It is so weirdly calming to me? I don't know why.

You can't see it in this picture, but there is a dog running around at our feet lol. I am kind of bummed the girl taking it didn't get our full bodies in the frame, because it would have been funny with that random dog lol.

J's face in this makes me lol. It was nice having people who were with us while we were out and about to take photos of both of us together! I love traveling with other people for that reason too lol. I always get scared to tell strangers to retake photos if they are blurry #socialanxiety

The sun was so bright lol. I usually just look away and shoot in direct sunlight, but I would like to experiment with backlit a little bit more in the future! If you have tips for shooting backlit, let me know!

How cute are these boats?? This is like... the most classic New England photo we have from our time out here, I think. One to show the kids, for sure.

We ate Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant called Fire At The Ridge. I can't comment on it because I don't like Thanksgiving food in general, but J said it was good! They had some blueberry cheesecake that I was very on board for. 

Then we went and saw The Avengers! It was pretty much what I expected. Ben Stiller as Batman was... interesting? I get so hung up on the same people being the same things, so it's always weird for me to watch like a Spiderman or Batman or whatever when they have different actors. I just want them to keep the same people, gosh dangit!

Pink sweater is from here. Grid jacket from here

P.S. My friend is reading this post right now and lol-ing because I 100% meant to say Justice League... shows how much I know about superhero movies lol. Also Ben Affleck... not Ben Stiller. I am keeping it all up there though because this made me laugh at how dumb I am haha. 


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