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Still Doing Fall Things, Judge Me

Saturday, November 4, 2017

So I know fall is "over" according to social media, but Connecticut is still really pretty so imma do me. 

New England (and maybe other places, idk) have these apple donuts and apple cider that comes out during the fall and they are SO GOOD. The closest I can think of is like, cinnamon sugar donuts? But instead they are apple and, once again, SO GOOD!

Click here for the link to this cardigan. I love the color and chunky knit. I need more orange/rust clothing in my life.

So like, these trees??? Are we even serious? V OBSESSED.

It's weird to think that we won't live here again when it is warm. But, also very comforting because me in humidity in the summer = NOT HAPPY. I think I am going to wait to cut my hair until live in a non-humid place. My friend told me why she is doing that and it sounded like the most brilliant idea, so I am going to follow suit haha. 

Also! I asked on Instagram if people would want to see a weekly "Cool Therapy Things I Learned This Week" post, and people said yes. I think it will help with my learning anyway, so I am going to start posting that on Sunday? Or maybe along with my happy list?

Idk. But if you like psychology things, then make sure to check them out! I love therapy school because even if I end up being a stay at home mom, all the things I am learning are still super helpful and relevant. 


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