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Random Things

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Idk why but these pictures of me with Tucker make me lol. I feel like they are what a mommy blogger would take with their baby, except I have a dog lol. 

When we are eating dinner Tucker will poke his head under the table and I think it's so cute. Also J's long hair peaking out of his beanie is also very cute.

Tucker loves looking out the window. I seriously can't wait until we move and can rent a house with a backyard! Baby boy gonna love his days outside haha. 

Remember in high school when it was very cool to take photos like this? Good times, good times. 

I am so bummed! I was making these raspberry sticky buns and ran out of cream cheese. So J ran to the store to get some and I was all good and fine, finished making them, and put them in the oven. THEN I realized I FORGOT THE VANILLA!!!! They were ok... but definitely would have been better with vanilla. I was sad, after everything we did to make them happen!

Lastly, I have been having trouble finding good T.V. shows lately. I like Mr. Robot, Riverdale, and Orphan Black. We aren't loving this season of American Horror Story. I feel like they get too complex? The best season was still the haunted house one, IMO. I also had to stop watching Vampire Diaries after they got rid of one of the main characters. Under The Dome was good at first, but then got kind of cheesy and weird. I loved The Leftovers, but felt like it was getting wayyyyyy to violent so I stopped watching it. Anddddddd I can't remember what else we tried. 

Anyway, if you have T.V. recommendations, PLEASE comment them below!


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