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New York Festivities

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Saturday we went into the city to do things! It was such nice weather omgggggg. Also we drove in which was SO NICE. Every time we drive into New York I have these like, overwhelming feelings of gratitude that I can drive into New York City in an hour haha.

Speaking of, I want to go to more cities in the U.S., because I really haven't been to that many. So like, I know I love visiting New York, but how do I know that I won't love like Chicago, Seattle, or Portland more? Ya know? I'm trying to view this stage of life (pre-kids) as super exploratory and just finding what city vibes most with me. 

We were going to eat at this barbecue place, but realized we wouldn't have enough time lol. I have this map of places I want to try, so I just whipped it out and we ended up walking over to some poke bowls! J is OBSESSED with these. He gave them a 10/10 (which NEVER happens lol). 

Tofu poke bowl! 

J's salmon and... something else poke bowl. It had avocado and was pretty good, I will admit. 

I always wear the same earrings, but I recently did a collaboration and got these cute shooting stars. I am obsessed! They go up your earlobe and idk why but I just really like the way that looks haha. Here's the link for them!

We saw Waitress. I thought Jason Mraz was SO GOOD! Like, he made that play for me haha. It was cool to see a singer acting. Ok wait also for my Mormon friends out there, do you remember The Single's Ward or Sons of Provo? K well that guy is in Waitress!!! I was dying! And he plays a total douche bag character haha. Anyway, I lovedddddd those cheesy Mormon movies when I was little but literally haven't even thought about them in years. 

How cute are these little pies?? I was hoping they would sell pie for treats haha. 

Ok so you guys know how I was vegetarian for 7 years? Ok well now I eat mostly vegetarian, but mainly I just say "I eat what I want" whenever people ask. So like if I want a hamburger I eat it type of thing. But as a general rule I tend to lean more toward vegetarian foods just because it's what I am used to and like the most.

ANYWAY. So we went to The Smith for dinner and nothing was really looking good except for a steak, which is so weird because I have never been a steak person lol. So, needless to say I ate my first steak in like 8 years hahaha. To be honest, it wasn't what I remembered it as. Oh, and it was a filet mignon, which might mean something to meat eaters? I think it was weird because I have only ever eaten steak with A1 sauce, and this just had butter. So I think if I could have drenched it in sauce it would have been more on my level. But anyway! It was fun to try it out haha. 

They had this Mac-n-cheese appetizer that was SO GOOD. To be honest I would get it as a main next time I go haha. 

Oh yes, here we are. The steak in all it's glory! I am now remembering that it was really... soft?? If that's a thing. Which I liked. 

Look how cute this street was!!!! I don't know who did this or why, but it was MAGICAL! I didn't take a photo the first time we passed and instantly regretted it. Luckily we passed it again haha. See, these are the types of photos you can only get if you have other people with you! A stranger would have never risked their life standing in the middle of the road in midtown to get this picture haha.

Anyway, it was a fun day! I love living close to a major city and am literally planning my life to keep it that way haha. New York during Christmastime is the most magical place in all the land. They are lighting the tree at the Rockefeller tonight and I can't decide if I should go or not. I am already here for school so it would be easy to just stay a few hours later, but idk! Let me know what you vote I do haha. 


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