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Halloween In New York!

Friday, November 3, 2017

So, one of my aunts was in town last week, and since I have one day a week off school and internship I hopped on a train and headed to NYC!

We did the three most important things: ate at Jacob's Pickles, shopped at Flying Tiger, and walked around the upper west side. The stoops were v cute! What a life to have a stoop on the upper west side that you get to decorate lol. 


So when I was getting dressed I found this black chiffon shirt in my closet and was like, "Do I dare??" It was one of the shirts I wore when I worked at Starbuck's so it's always a "work shirt" in my mind. But I wore it anyway and paired it with overalls.

So, then I get on the train and not a minute later the guy next to me is like, "Cool work outfit or just a cool outfit??" Lmao. So, I guess this shirt is forever a work shirt.

I love living so close to New York but not having to live in actual New York! It will be missed, for sure. Hopefully we love Seattle just as much!

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