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Black Friday - Not

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

So I don't really do Black Friday shopping, except I did find a few things online that I got. So we all just kind of met up when we got up and got pizza at Pepe's! It's the truest best pizza, I swear to you. 

After lunch we went to the art museum at Yale. It's definitely a must see if you are in the area! They have stuff from like Picasso, Rothko, and my fave - Basquiat. 

We got ice cream at Milkcraft, which I have posted about before. I really am not an ice cream person, but I LOVE this ice cream. It's so creamy and comes in the most delicious waffle cone. It's probably the #1 dessert in all of Connecticut, if I had to choose. 

I can't remember what happened after that. Probably us trying to do something and Tucker being annoying lol. I'll tell you, the whole dogs-need-a-routine thing is SO TRUE! Tucker really isn't too bad when we do the same thing with him. But if I wake up and don't get ready for the day? It throws off his whole day hahaha. Needless to say, over the break he was crazy! He peed on the floor like every day, and I have never been more grateful for hardwood floors haha. 

Anyway, it's nice to have him back in a routine! I usually drive 15 minutes to the dog park, stay there for 20-30 minutes, and drive back in the mornings. But this morning I just took him on a 30 minute walk around the block and he was just as pooped! Which is so nice because it's like half the time haha. So, I'm going to try to do that every day and see if I can ween him off of the dog park (which gives me like, the most anxiety lol). Wish me luck!


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