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Beach Day With My Dog Child

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Ok first things first. You guys have been asking about this sweater EVERY time I post about it on Instagram, so here's the link! It's under $20 and the softest thing ever! I am not lying when I say I have worn it every day for the past four days (since I got it). 

Ok, so! We have been working so hard to teach Tucker to "come" and be off leash. Since it's October, dogs are now allowed at the beach, so we decided to put him to the test and see how good he is. I was SO NERVOUS because how horrible would you feel if you took your dog off leash and he ran away and never came back?? My worst fear.

He honestly did pretty good! We basically just had him chase us, which is all my anxiety can handle at this point, but I am pleased! 

It was a nice change of scenery from the dog park, the lake, and our neighborhood. I read once that pup's like Tucker need a lot of physical and mental stimulation, so we are always taking him everywhere in hopes it's "mentally stimulating". It's nice for us too because we get to get out more! #prosofhavingadog

Tuck's first time at the ocean <3 He didn't like it as much as the lake (I think the waves coming in and out scared him) but we'll have to see how he does next time! I think since he's a shelter pup, he takes a few times to get comfortable with things. Seeing him become his "true self" has been my favorite thing about rescuing! He wouldn't go up stairs when we first got him (or jump on anything really) and now he is a pro! Also within the past few weeks he has learned that he can chill on the couch while we are on there and it's my favorite thing. As I write this he's curled up next to me and I'm like !!!!!!

Also Connecticut is in prime leaf season right now. I'm not mad about it. (Am I the only one who always types "made" when they try to tap "mad"? Wonder what that means unconsciously...)

On the way home we were talking about what our favorite geographical locations are. I like the beach, but I don't feel like I appreciate it as much as some people. I just feel like it's busy in the summer and you have to pay for parking (a lot, in Connecticut too!) and it's so windy! For me, I love the mountains (not hiking though) and lakes. They are both so quiet and secluded and peaceful and have beautiful open views. It's been fun to live somewhere without them, because I feel like we've been able to get to know ourselves better. My list of what I need and like has definitely changed in the past two years, and I'm excited to see how it changes when we move to the northwest, which is vastly different from the northeast and Utah! I predict I will miss being close to everything but love food options haha. We will see.


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