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Beach Day With Baes

Saturday, November 18, 2017

It's like I still take photos, I just have trouble finding a good time to post them, ya feel?

These are from Sunday when we went to the beach! I have been wanting to do a weekly tradition of getting drinks and snacks from the vending machines at Goodwill, and then going for a drive too see pretty houses. I usually use Zillow or Trulia and just find multimillion dollar homes for sale and drive there. This time we decided to go to the beach in Fairfield, too. It was so cute!

They had a bunch of cute boats all lined up. I didn't have my nice camera with me, but I want to go bak and do photography things because it was really pretty.

It's dumb because dogs are only allowed on the beach after October 1st! We took Tucker and it was... and adventure lol. We still scared about letting him off his leash for good, even though he always comes when we call. We let him off for a minute or two to run around, but put him back on when our anxiety went through the roof lol. 

J was trying to run with him, and he kept biting the leash. He doesn't quite understand that running means he is supposed to run alongside the person, not try to catch the person. Herding breeds.... ahhaaah. 

Anyway, if you guys have tips on how to teach your dog to run with you, let me know!

J apologizing to Tucker for having to be stern lol. 


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