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Hi! Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm a 26 year old therapist, feminist, photographer, and shop owner currently living in Seattle, Washington. My shop, Dealign with Feelings, is geared toward destigmatizing and normalizing mental health. I'm biased, but I think we have some pretty cute stuff :) Click the "shop" tab to see what we've got! I mainly post about my travel and daily life on here. With other random musings thrown in. I post more frequently (and about more feminism) on my Instagram @emmycoletti, so make sure you're following me there. Thanks for stopping by!

A Happy List: 177

Monday, November 27, 2017

1/ The sound Tucker's mouth makes when he catches treats in the air.

2/ Finding this cute, string light covered street in the middle of gross midtown. 

3/ Homemade fries. I have the best recipe and am obsessed. You cover them in cornstarch, olive oil, curry powder, brown sugar, and bread crumbs. THE BEST.

4/ On the subject of food, flavor blasted goldfish. YUM.

5/ It's getting colder outside! But it's nice because it isn't too cold to be outside yet. AKA the walks with Tucker are still endurable lol.

6/ The sunset on Sunday night. It was so pretty!

7/ Teaching Tucker how to walk nicely on a leash. I think we have finally figured out what works well for training him and it's nice to feel like we are making some progress.

8/ J ordered my birthday gifts and I am so excited! I can't decide if I should take them with us to Ireland and open them there? Or maybe just take one? Or open them all before? I am worried that if I open everything before then it won't feel like a birthday when we are over there!

9/ Going through all my recommended movies on Netflix. Some have been horrible but some have been pretty good actually! If I get a minute maybe I'll do a separate post on it, but in the mean time if you guys have any recommendations let me know!

10/ I got the cutest gnome cookie jar from World Market and I'm so excited! I also got some nail polish from Zoya that just came in the mail today. It's nice to be an adult because you can just buy yourself whatever you want lol.


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