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A Happy List: 176

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

1/ One of my friends is doing a new blog series that I love! She is my makeup guru friend who I always talk about lol. Check it out here.

2/ I got Tucker these pajamas and I can't get over it hahaha. He strangely doesn't mind wearing them at all? Which is an actual miracle from heaven.

3/ I don't have school this week! Which is also exciting because it means I only have 3 weeks left... which is also exciting because after that I have ONE SEMESTER until I graduate and am done with school forever!

4/ J's family is coming in to town this week and I'm so excited! I have loved living outside of Utah, but sometimes being across the country from everyone you've ever known can feel v isolating ha! Which is another reason why we wanna be back on the west coast, but not in Utah. Anyway! I'm excited! We're going out for Thanksgiving dinner (which I plan to do for the rest of my life lol) and into the city! Twill be fun!

5/ Into The Woods! Has anyone else read this? I feel like the main character is v relatable for some reason? I don't know what it is but I always like when I like the main character.

6/ As I am writing this, I have been balancing Cheez-Its on Tucker's nose lol. I just went to flip it off for him to eat and it somehow landed on his head hahahahahaha.

7/ That part in Friends where Phoebe and Rachel see Chandler and Monica hooking up from the apartment across the street. And then Ross walks in and they start jumping around all excited and Ross joins them hahahahahaha. I have never liked Ross, but recently I feel like he is super funny.

8/ HAHAHAH so now Tucker is flipping his head upwards to check and make sure there are no more Cheez-Its on his nose lol.

9/ Also Tucker related, but I have been leaving him alone in the house for a few hours and he has done really good and not chewed anything up!

10/ Finally throwing away the gross amount of trash in my car lol.


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