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A Happy List: 174

Monday, November 6, 2017

1/ Tucker takes my slipper and just cuddles it. If he moves where he is sleeping, he will move the slipper with him lol.

2/ It is finally getting cold outside! It's nice because it isn't cold enough that like, I have to super bundle up to take Tucker out. But it's cold enough for a jacket. The perfect type of cold!

3/ Redoing our Ireland itinerary. I posted our original plan in Trip Advisor and people were super discouraging about us being able to drive anywhere at all, etc. So I changed all our hotels to Dublin, Galway, and Cork. But then I realized it's stupid to change my entire plan based off what some cranky people say. So I changed it back to what we originally had, which just includes Killarney and the Dingle Pennisula. But I am excited because I figure if we are going to Ireland, I want to experience it to it's fullest, whatever that means for winter! I'd rather be out braving the cold and in traffic than snuggled up in a hotel room or in a place we had already seen. Idk. So yeah, I'm excited!

4/ High school teachers always talk about how they are "preparing you for college" by not accepting late papers, etc. But I lol because I truly feel like college professors are more lenient than high school teachers? So I guess like the personal responsibility is a good lesson to learn, but I haven't encountered more than 2 college professors who have been really strict about late papers, attendance etc. At my high school we had to pay $5 and go to attendance school for every absence we had over 3! And then you get to college and no one cares if you don't go lol. Anyway, I am glad I am in college and not high school.

5/ Driving around in the rain. I wonder if I'll get sick of it when/if we live in the PNW. Probably haha. But for now I like it.

6/ Ok so I am mad no one told me about this earlier, but there is this thing called Movie Pass. You pay $10 a month and can go to a movie a day (1 per day is the only limit). Mine is in the mail, but I am excited for it to come and test it out!

7/ I have 5 1/2 months left of grad school! And of living in Connecticut! And of being poor! YAY!

8/ Friends with kids who give you a bunch of their kid's halloween candy lol. #benefits

9/ So I was super bummed I couldn't watch Riverdale, but it turns out if you download the CW app you can watch it for free! Yay! You can watch it online too, but on my computer it only shows half the screen. Idk if it's a problem with my computer or the site. But anyway, I have been liking it so far! It's very corny but I'm a sucker for all teen soaps.

10/ Alllllll the fake meat. I have been OBSESSED with it lately. I need to buy more, actually. If you have any good ones that I should try, let me know! My current faves are the corn dogs and bacon (I make BLTs) haha. 


Funny things J said this week:

Me: If you were given 10 seconds to say something to Tucker and he would understand, what would you say?
J: Do you like your life with us?

Me: Ugh, what should we do for dinner next week?
J: Hmmmm.... Maybe sandwiches? A pasta dish? How hard is lasagna? 

J: Look at all those ducks in that field playing soccer!

J: Tucker gets his eyebrows microbladed!


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