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Thursday, November 30, 2017

New York Festivities

Saturday we went into the city to do things! It was such nice weather omgggggg. Also we drove in which was SO NICE. Every time we drive into New York I have these like, overwhelming feelings of gratitude that I can drive into New York City in an hour haha.

Speaking of, I want to go to more cities in the U.S., because I really haven't been to that many. So like, I know I love visiting New York, but how do I know that I won't love like Chicago, Seattle, or Portland more? Ya know? I'm trying to view this stage of life (pre-kids) as super exploratory and just finding what city vibes most with me. 

We were going to eat at this barbecue place, but realized we wouldn't have enough time lol. I have this map of places I want to try, so I just whipped it out and we ended up walking over to some poke bowls! J is OBSESSED with these. He gave them a 10/10 (which NEVER happens lol). 

Tofu poke bowl! 

J's salmon and... something else poke bowl. It had avocado and was pretty good, I will admit. 

I always wear the same earrings, but I recently did a collaboration and got these cute shooting stars. I am obsessed! They go up your earlobe and idk why but I just really like the way that looks haha. Here's the link for them!

We saw Waitress. I thought Jason Mraz was SO GOOD! Like, he made that play for me haha. It was cool to see a singer acting. Ok wait also for my Mormon friends out there, do you remember The Single's Ward or Sons of Provo? K well that guy is in Waitress!!! I was dying! And he plays a total douche bag character haha. Anyway, I lovedddddd those cheesy Mormon movies when I was little but literally haven't even thought about them in years. 

How cute are these little pies?? I was hoping they would sell pie for treats haha. 

Ok so you guys know how I was vegetarian for 7 years? Ok well now I eat mostly vegetarian, but mainly I just say "I eat what I want" whenever people ask. So like if I want a hamburger I eat it type of thing. But as a general rule I tend to lean more toward vegetarian foods just because it's what I am used to and like the most.

ANYWAY. So we went to The Smith for dinner and nothing was really looking good except for a steak, which is so weird because I have never been a steak person lol. So, needless to say I ate my first steak in like 8 years hahaha. To be honest, it wasn't what I remembered it as. Oh, and it was a filet mignon, which might mean something to meat eaters? I think it was weird because I have only ever eaten steak with A1 sauce, and this just had butter. So I think if I could have drenched it in sauce it would have been more on my level. But anyway! It was fun to try it out haha. 

They had this Mac-n-cheese appetizer that was SO GOOD. To be honest I would get it as a main next time I go haha. 

Oh yes, here we are. The steak in all it's glory! I am now remembering that it was really... soft?? If that's a thing. Which I liked. 

Look how cute this street was!!!! I don't know who did this or why, but it was MAGICAL! I didn't take a photo the first time we passed and instantly regretted it. Luckily we passed it again haha. See, these are the types of photos you can only get if you have other people with you! A stranger would have never risked their life standing in the middle of the road in midtown to get this picture haha.

Anyway, it was a fun day! I love living close to a major city and am literally planning my life to keep it that way haha. New York during Christmastime is the most magical place in all the land. They are lighting the tree at the Rockefeller tonight and I can't decide if I should go or not. I am already here for school so it would be easy to just stay a few hours later, but idk! Let me know what you vote I do haha. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Black Friday - Not

So I don't really do Black Friday shopping, except I did find a few things online that I got. So we all just kind of met up when we got up and got pizza at Pepe's! It's the truest best pizza, I swear to you. 

After lunch we went to the art museum at Yale. It's definitely a must see if you are in the area! They have stuff from like Picasso, Rothko, and my fave - Basquiat. 

We got ice cream at Milkcraft, which I have posted about before. I really am not an ice cream person, but I LOVE this ice cream. It's so creamy and comes in the most delicious waffle cone. It's probably the #1 dessert in all of Connecticut, if I had to choose. 

I can't remember what happened after that. Probably us trying to do something and Tucker being annoying lol. I'll tell you, the whole dogs-need-a-routine thing is SO TRUE! Tucker really isn't too bad when we do the same thing with him. But if I wake up and don't get ready for the day? It throws off his whole day hahaha. Needless to say, over the break he was crazy! He peed on the floor like every day, and I have never been more grateful for hardwood floors haha. 

Anyway, it's nice to have him back in a routine! I usually drive 15 minutes to the dog park, stay there for 20-30 minutes, and drive back in the mornings. But this morning I just took him on a 30 minute walk around the block and he was just as pooped! Which is so nice because it's like half the time haha. So, I'm going to try to do that every day and see if I can ween him off of the dog park (which gives me like, the most anxiety lol). Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thanksgiving Festivities

Helloooooooo! So I can't start this post without writing to my future self about what happened with the Thanksgiving fundraiser this year. Basically I had this super cool idea for a fundraiser to support the Pine Ridge reservation but it didn't end up happening for various reasons. I couldn't get a hold of someone at Instagram to get my idea pre-approved, and didn't want to risk it getting shut down for violating any rules. I also couldn't get in touch with an agency on the reservation until a few days before I wanted to start. So I'm bummed it didn't happen, but it just means there is lots of time to prepare for next year!

So this year for Thanksgiving J's parents and sister came out to visit us. We started with breakfast at Caffe Social in Norwalk which was actually so good!! They had all these fun flavors of hot chocolate. I got Nutella and loved it! I don't think I've ever had Nutella hot chocolate I haven't liked. 

The classic eggs benedict was really good! I get mine with the yolk cooked all the way through because I hateeeeeeee runny yolks. Anyway, the restaurant was so cute too. It was v hip and modern and reminded me of 100% of restaurants in Utah lol. So! Needless to say I would definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself in little Norwalk, Connecticut lol. 

After breakfast we went to Jenning's Beach and drove around looking at all the houses. I LOVE driving around and looking at houses. It is so weirdly calming to me? I don't know why.

You can't see it in this picture, but there is a dog running around at our feet lol. I am kind of bummed the girl taking it didn't get our full bodies in the frame, because it would have been funny with that random dog lol.

J's face in this makes me lol. It was nice having people who were with us while we were out and about to take photos of both of us together! I love traveling with other people for that reason too lol. I always get scared to tell strangers to retake photos if they are blurry #socialanxiety

The sun was so bright lol. I usually just look away and shoot in direct sunlight, but I would like to experiment with backlit a little bit more in the future! If you have tips for shooting backlit, let me know!

How cute are these boats?? This is like... the most classic New England photo we have from our time out here, I think. One to show the kids, for sure.

We ate Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant called Fire At The Ridge. I can't comment on it because I don't like Thanksgiving food in general, but J said it was good! They had some blueberry cheesecake that I was very on board for. 

Then we went and saw The Avengers! It was pretty much what I expected. Ben Stiller as Batman was... interesting? I get so hung up on the same people being the same things, so it's always weird for me to watch like a Spiderman or Batman or whatever when they have different actors. I just want them to keep the same people, gosh dangit!

Pink sweater is from here. Grid jacket from here

P.S. My friend is reading this post right now and lol-ing because I 100% meant to say Justice League... shows how much I know about superhero movies lol. Also Ben Affleck... not Ben Stiller. I am keeping it all up there though because this made me laugh at how dumb I am haha. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

A Happy List: 177

1/ The sound Tucker's mouth makes when he catches treats in the air.

2/ Finding this cute, string light covered street in the middle of gross midtown. 

3/ Homemade fries. I have the best recipe and am obsessed. You cover them in cornstarch, olive oil, curry powder, brown sugar, and bread crumbs. THE BEST.

4/ On the subject of food, flavor blasted goldfish. YUM.

5/ It's getting colder outside! But it's nice because it isn't too cold to be outside yet. AKA the walks with Tucker are still endurable lol.

6/ The sunset on Sunday night. It was so pretty!

7/ Teaching Tucker how to walk nicely on a leash. I think we have finally figured out what works well for training him and it's nice to feel like we are making some progress.

8/ J ordered my birthday gifts and I am so excited! I can't decide if I should take them with us to Ireland and open them there? Or maybe just take one? Or open them all before? I am worried that if I open everything before then it won't feel like a birthday when we are over there!

9/ Going through all my recommended movies on Netflix. Some have been horrible but some have been pretty good actually! If I get a minute maybe I'll do a separate post on it, but in the mean time if you guys have any recommendations let me know!

10/ I got the cutest gnome cookie jar from World Market and I'm so excited! I also got some nail polish from Zoya that just came in the mail today. It's nice to be an adult because you can just buy yourself whatever you want lol.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Happy List: 176

1/ One of my friends is doing a new blog series that I love! She is my makeup guru friend who I always talk about lol. Check it out here.

2/ I got Tucker these pajamas and I can't get over it hahaha. He strangely doesn't mind wearing them at all? Which is an actual miracle from heaven.

3/ I don't have school this week! Which is also exciting because it means I only have 3 weeks left... which is also exciting because after that I have ONE SEMESTER until I graduate and am done with school forever!

4/ J's family is coming in to town this week and I'm so excited! I have loved living outside of Utah, but sometimes being across the country from everyone you've ever known can feel v isolating ha! Which is another reason why we wanna be back on the west coast, but not in Utah. Anyway! I'm excited! We're going out for Thanksgiving dinner (which I plan to do for the rest of my life lol) and into the city! Twill be fun!

5/ Into The Woods! Has anyone else read this? I feel like the main character is v relatable for some reason? I don't know what it is but I always like when I like the main character.

6/ As I am writing this, I have been balancing Cheez-Its on Tucker's nose lol. I just went to flip it off for him to eat and it somehow landed on his head hahahahahaha.

7/ That part in Friends where Phoebe and Rachel see Chandler and Monica hooking up from the apartment across the street. And then Ross walks in and they start jumping around all excited and Ross joins them hahahahahaha. I have never liked Ross, but recently I feel like he is super funny.

8/ HAHAHAH so now Tucker is flipping his head upwards to check and make sure there are no more Cheez-Its on his nose lol.

9/ Also Tucker related, but I have been leaving him alone in the house for a few hours and he has done really good and not chewed anything up!

10/ Finally throwing away the gross amount of trash in my car lol.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Random Things

Idk why but these pictures of me with Tucker make me lol. I feel like they are what a mommy blogger would take with their baby, except I have a dog lol. 

When we are eating dinner Tucker will poke his head under the table and I think it's so cute. Also J's long hair peaking out of his beanie is also very cute.

Tucker loves looking out the window. I seriously can't wait until we move and can rent a house with a backyard! Baby boy gonna love his days outside haha. 

Remember in high school when it was very cool to take photos like this? Good times, good times. 

I am so bummed! I was making these raspberry sticky buns and ran out of cream cheese. So J ran to the store to get some and I was all good and fine, finished making them, and put them in the oven. THEN I realized I FORGOT THE VANILLA!!!! They were ok... but definitely would have been better with vanilla. I was sad, after everything we did to make them happen!

Lastly, I have been having trouble finding good T.V. shows lately. I like Mr. Robot, Riverdale, and Orphan Black. We aren't loving this season of American Horror Story. I feel like they get too complex? The best season was still the haunted house one, IMO. I also had to stop watching Vampire Diaries after they got rid of one of the main characters. Under The Dome was good at first, but then got kind of cheesy and weird. I loved The Leftovers, but felt like it was getting wayyyyyy to violent so I stopped watching it. Anddddddd I can't remember what else we tried. 

Anyway, if you have T.V. recommendations, PLEASE comment them below!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Beach Day With Baes

It's like I still take photos, I just have trouble finding a good time to post them, ya feel?

These are from Sunday when we went to the beach! I have been wanting to do a weekly tradition of getting drinks and snacks from the vending machines at Goodwill, and then going for a drive too see pretty houses. I usually use Zillow or Trulia and just find multimillion dollar homes for sale and drive there. This time we decided to go to the beach in Fairfield, too. It was so cute!

They had a bunch of cute boats all lined up. I didn't have my nice camera with me, but I want to go bak and do photography things because it was really pretty.

It's dumb because dogs are only allowed on the beach after October 1st! We took Tucker and it was... and adventure lol. We still scared about letting him off his leash for good, even though he always comes when we call. We let him off for a minute or two to run around, but put him back on when our anxiety went through the roof lol. 

J was trying to run with him, and he kept biting the leash. He doesn't quite understand that running means he is supposed to run alongside the person, not try to catch the person. Herding breeds.... ahhaaah. 

Anyway, if you guys have tips on how to teach your dog to run with you, let me know!

J apologizing to Tucker for having to be stern lol. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Weekly Beauty Favorites

1/ Sleep Aromatherapy Body Cream - I use this every night before bed! It smells so good and calming. Also, I got this on sale for $3! They just had a sale with all aromatherapy for $4! So if you want to stock up (like I do) then sign up for their emails and keep an eye peeled.

2/ Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder - I love the way this smells! It's just a nice powder to set and blend your makeup. It's also small enough you can take it with you. My skin gets super gross and oily in the summer so I'm looking forward to this. 

3/ Super Booster Teeth Whitening Pen - Ok!! So I use to whiten my teeth but the product I used made them so sensitive. So I was really curious to try this out. I honestly feel like it has made a difference! I took a before photo that I will compare to after I have used it for another week or two, but I do feel like they are whiter. I also don't have any sensitivity after using this, which is a MUST for me.

4/ Wet n Wild Felt Tip Eyeliner - This eyeliner was recommend by one of my makeup guru friends, so naturally I went out and bought it the next day. I really like it so far! It stays where it is supposed to and doesn't get in my eyelid crease.

5/ E.L.F. BB Cream - This was so cheap on Amazon I was like, why not? I have ended up loving it. It is light enough that it doesn't cover my freckles, but heavy enough to even out my skin tone. 

6/ Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer - This is something else I saw recommended and immediately bought. I feel like it makes my makeup go on really smooth and blend together well. 

Let me know if you guys have any beauty related things that you are loving! I don't know much about anything, so I always like to try new things out!

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Happy List: 175 + Links

1/ I watch Orphan Black and in the opening song there are these woman who sing really high, just like "oooooh oooh oooooh". J sometimes sings along and it always cracks me up.

2/ Speaking of J, his hair is long now, ya know? He put on a beanie today and his hair is sticking out and it is SO CUTE! I have been singing "He was a skater boy" all day lol. I am one those fans of the "skater boy" look and plan to dress my son like a little skater haha. I am so excited.

3/ Speaking of skater boys, do you guys follow weslie_ on Instagram? She dresses her little boy like a skater and it is the CUTEST THING. I am constantly like, "J!! Look how cute this kid is! Our future son!" lol.

4/ We have been trying to just eat what is in our house, or to buy what we are craving from the grocery story to prevent ourselves from going out a lot, and it's going well! It's actually kind of fun and soothing to feel like we are using all the food before it goes bad.

5/ We created an Excel for all our trips and it's so nice to be able to track what we've spent! Right now we are saving everything for Ireland and almost have it all paid back!

6/ We drove around Fairfield tonight and looked at all the million dollar homes on the beach. It was super fun and weirdly gave me some zest back? I often live in the future, always waiting for us to be in the next "phase". I guess that's what being a student for 5 years can do to you? Anyway, so I am always looking at places to live/obsessing about where to move next, etc. and not focusing on what's right in front of me. We got treats and went to the beach with Tucker and it was really fun! It made me realize that even though Connecticut isn't my favorite place, there are some fun things we can do to make this time a little easier to swallow.

7/ We decorated our apartment for Christmas and it's so cozy! I went to Target after Halloween and got so many cute Halloween things on mega sale! I can't wait until Christmas is over to do the same!

8/ I only have 4 days of classes left before I am in my last semester of grad school. Ah!!!

9/ Giant marshmallow Santas! I didn't even know these existed until I sent J to the store for cream cheese and he came home with them lol. Yes, I have been eating a marshmallow Santa a day. Judge me.

10/ Organize our "junk closet". We move a lot, and every time we move we do really good at organizing and sorting through everything... until like the last box lol. Then we just put everything in a drawer, or a closet.  And it drives me crazy!! So I went through and organized it and threw a bunch of things away.


Cool internet things:

This cute blogger I've followed for years is pregnant! (Does anyone else feel like everyone is pregnant and having kids except for themselves? Make yourself known because at this point I feel like I am the only person who has been married for a while and doesn't have babies lol.

Is this not the cutest airstream you've ever seen? I love following along the adventures of people who live life on the road. 

I'm very excited for this T.V. show to be made into books!!

I know I'm probably late to the game, but this Halloween video has me CRYING

Can you believe this couch is only $300? I literally posted mine on Craigslist second after seeing this lol. Cross your fingers mine sells!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

How To Trick Your Dog Into Eating Healthy

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ProPlanPossibilities #CollectiveBias

Do you ever want to get revenge on your dog? I do lol. Tucker is cute but also a rebel. When I saw this campaign for dog food with better ingredients, I wasn't sure if Tucker would like it, but was determined to trick him into it lol. 

So, step 1 of tricking your dog into liking food that is better for them: Take them to PetSmart and let them experience dog heaven/pick out their own food. Tucker was sniffing allllll the sniffs. We also saw a corgi and a bulldog puppy. It was a good day. 

We chose the Purina® Pro Plan® dog food because it provides nutrition in wet and dry products for different taste preferences, age, dietary considerations, or activity/lifestyle in for platforms for dogs. They also have grain-free or no corn, wheat, or soy options for those of you who want your dog to follow in your footsteps lol. They are backed by a team of over 400 scientists, nutritionists, behaviorists, and veterinarians... so no ingredient is unnecessary. Everything is precisely and purposefully selected. Find what formula is best for your dog here

Now, step 2: Introduce it to them in a neural environment to raise interest. (As you can see, interest was raised.)

Step 3: Build suspense. Make them wait for it. 

Step 4: Pour into bowl, while continuing to build suspense.

Step 5: Offer it to pupper. See if pupper takes bait... PUPPER TOOK BAIT.

Step 6: Take photo with pupper to use as collateral when he forgets how nice you are to him. 

Step 7: Take blackmail photo of pupper to show to dog friends when he misbehaves. 

Lol k but in all reality it was fun to give Tucker some yums! I feel like once you find out how someone treats their dog, that's all you really need to know about them! 


Read more about the Pro Plan here and find out which your dog needs here

In Store Offer - Start 10/30/17 through 12/3/17... Pro Plan dry dog food 47lb-50lb bags – $49.99. Pro Plan wet dog food 12ct Variety Packs – Save $4. Pro Plan dry cat food 5.5-7lb bags – Save $2.

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Thanks for supporting the brands that support me so I can have time to blog in grad school! Lol.