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Quintessential Life Things: Vermont In The Fall

Saturday, October 28, 2017

One of the best things about living in New England is how close everything is! We were planning on spending the night in Vermont a few weeks ago, but then I was like ??? It's like a 3 hour drive so let's just wake up early and come home late?

I ended up driving that morning. We left at 6:00 and got in around 9:00. The drive was truly beautiful! I think we missed peak foliage in Vermont (so maybe it wasn't so quintessential) but Massachusetts was LIT.

Right now, Connecticut is blowing up and all I want to do this weekend is leaf peep. (This is the creepiest term, btw.) 

We spent the morning in Grafton, Vermont. It's one of the cutest little towns! Everything is remodeled and so cute and classic. 

Like I need this to be my future house?

We ate breakfast at the Grafton Village Store. To paint of picture of what Grafton was like, here's this: As I was walking in and older man was walking out. He saw Tucker and asked me what kind of dog he was, talked about how he had border collies, asked me what his name was, and talked about how the main character in the book he was reading was Tucker haha. So, needless to say, it felt VERY friendly. 

Ok so the most embarrassing thing happened during breakfast. One of my favorite things about New England is the apple cider. It's seriously SO GOOD. So, when I saw "vt cider" on the menu, naturally I was ecstatic and ordered it. It was $8, but things are way more expensive in Connecticut than they were in Utah, and I just figured Vermont was another step up.

So, I went to the register and ordered my stuff. Keep in mind it's like 10 am. She asked to see my license and I just like, didn't register anything and handed her my credit card. She asked to see my license again and I was like, "Oh sorry!" and realized she needed it for credit card verification, maybe because we were from out of town. 

So I checked out, went outside, and waited for my cider. In my head I was a little bummed both my toast and cider amounted to $20 but once again was like "viva Vermont!" and moved on.

Then they brought out my cider. It was like, more clear but I don't know. Once again, not thinking. I picked it up, very excited, and took a swig. 

DISGUSTING. I was like, what?! Took another swig and was like, "J!!! This is so gross!" Then immediately after, "OMG THIS IS ALCOHOL!" He was like, "What!?" Then tasted it and was like, "Oh, yep!"

I was so embarrassed lol. I obviously know nothing about drinking, but is ordering a hard apple cider at 10 in the morning a normal thing? Let me know. 

Naturally I was like, "Don't tell them! It's ok!!" Literally feeling so dumb I ordered alcohol without knowing it. But J went back and got me actual apple cider, which was very good. 

So! There you go! We have now accidentally had alcohol twice, which I guess is only funny if you are also part of a religion that doesn't drink alcohol lol.

Anyway, this toast had goat cheese, figs, walnuts, and honey!

I wish I could say Tucker was the perfect gentleman and waited patiently while we ate, but he is actually still a work in progress. He sat for the most part but got a lil' anxious at times. I guess that's what you get when your dog isn't 16 years old haha. 

SO J'S BAGEL SANDWICH WAS SO GOOD!!! 10/10!!! I don't know if it was the fact that I haven't had bacon for years or what, but man. That thing was so good. Vermont is nice because everything is really farm-to-table tasting. 

Also I, of course, got maple candy. J said he didn't like it so I ate this entire box over the course of an hour. Not ashamed. 

After breakfast we just drove around and explored for a bit.

Tucker was the most classic animal in all the land and sticking his head out the window. It was very cute seeing him try to sniff all the sniffs. 

Sorry but New England style homes are the CUTEST OF ALL THE HOMES. 

We found this huge field and decided it would be a good place to stop and let our son run around. I was SO NERVOUS to take him off his leash., but challenged my anxieties and did it. He was actually pretty good! I just get nervous that he will run away and never come back :( I wish someone somewhere could make an electronic leash where you could like carry the homing device with you and it keeps your dog within like 100 feet or something, ya know? 

I also love our car so much. I wanted a SUV for sooooo long. I've recently been thinking about how we, as humans, obsess about things we don't have but then forget to appreciate it once we have it. So, I need to try to do that more often, especially with living on the East Coast and having an SUV and going to grad school. 

It was so bright outside we had one of those times where you take a picture but can't see the screen well enough to know if you're in focus and then later find out you weren't in focus? 


How cute is this little inn? I'm telling you! Vermont is cute because everything is old but updated? So it just feels really classic, if that makes sense. 


Another example of how nice people in Vermont are: We encountered this guy casually driving a tractor down the road and he waved and smiled at us.

We saw this hike as we were driving and pulled over to explore. It was so pretty!

So is there a Tinder where you can have your dogs meet other dogs? Cause these are Tucker's profile pictures. 

K I love these pics. I am counting them as our couple pics for 2017. 

So if you guys know J, you know that he always says "Chesters". Actually we say it a lot in what my mom calls "our language". Little Caesar's is Little Chesters. Cheese is chesters. A replacement swear word is chesters. Or when you can't think of what something is called, that is also Chesters. 

So you can imagine our amusement as we drove through a Chester, Vermont hahaha. 

All in all, Vermont was so cute! We've decided it's our favorite state in New England. No wonder people are so obsessed with it. It's lovely! We realized later that we didn't see any chains until the very end of the day. That's my type of place!


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