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Puppy Halloween Party!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

So my dog's dog park had a Halloween party hahahahaha. It was BY FAR the most amazing experience I have ever had.

They had a little treat table where you could make a treat bag for your dog lol. 

The pups were like this during party setup lol. I'm sure that treat table smelled like all the smells. 

They also had a human treat table with candy and clam chowder. (Very much New England lol.)

They had a costume contest and 7 prize bags for best costume. Sadly, Tucker did not win anything. The dog costumes were good though! Idk why but this chubby lab dressed as a clown is like my favorite thing.

(That beagle's face ^ cracks me up!!!) 

Ok so this other dog's costume fell off and Tucker totally stole it!!! These pics crack me up haha. He's got a lot of personality, that's for sure!

We used to see bulldogs ALL. THE. TIME. when we lived in New York, but this is the first we've seen a while! He won an award for being dressed as a giraffe lol. 

This dog also won an award for being a Shiba Inu (a Japanese dog) being dressed like a sushi lol. I love it. 

I took pictures for people in this little photo booth! It was definitely the most interesting photography job I've ever had!

Even though Tucker is a handful sometimes, having a dog definitely makes our life more fun! The people at the dog park are such a weird community themselves lol. I don't know where we would get our social interaction if we didn't go there every day lol.


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