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Diagon Alley!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hi! So we just got back from Harry Potter world and OH MY. It was everything I ever thought it would be. I am so pleased. SO PLEASED. 

I realized after this trip that I have started taking the majority of my photos vertically? Weird but whatever. Oh, also some of these are iPhone photos. Idk why but I always feel like I need to warn people about that??


So! We flew out of JFK at like 8:00 am. We dropped Tucker off at 5:00 am and then drove an hour and a half to the shuttle/car parking place, and then took the shuttle to the airport. Like, even though getting to JFK is such a hassle, the deals are SO GOOD! I am literally planning my life around living within 2 hours of a major airport because they have the cheapest flights. Worth it!

J stood in line at 5:00 am last week to get the new Nintendo SNES. Since we were rooming with my brother who also likes video games, we brought it along! Guys, those old video games are HARD. J and I are still only to 14% on Donkey Kong Country. Between my brother, his girlfriend, J, and me we got to like 40% on this trip. 

I'll do a whole post about the hotel later (because it was amazing!) but long story short: J and I played Nintendo until the rest of the fam got there. We ate and hung out and then went to bed. The next morning we woke up at 6:00 am to get to the park for early access! (One of the perks of our hotel.) 

I heard this telephone does something? If you have been there and know what it does, let me know in the comments! 

Walking into Diagon Alley is SO COOL. They way they set it up makes it feel so spectacular. Like you have to walk into this little alley and then you come out and everything in Diagon Alley is just towering above you. It was amazing. 

Since we could go an hour before the park opened to the public, we beelined it to Olivander's to beat the line. There is a "wand experience" you do, and then you go into the actual shop and pick out your wand. The wand experience was so cool! I think I would say it was my second favorite ride, if it counts as a ride. You all go into this little room and the guy chooses someone to test out wands. It felt very real, like I was in actual Harry Potter ahaha. My niece was most excited for this but when we got in there said, "I am so terrified!!!!!" lol. 

Some of the wands you can buy are "smart" and let you do spells around the park. They have a gold label if they are "smart". I would definitely recommend these because they are only like $5 more than the regular. It was so fun and such a clever way to add to the experience. The people who come up with all these theme park ideas are too smart! I imagine it would be a fun job. 

Also this is how my bangs looked the entire time. It was very hot and very humid! And I am an idiot and thought it was going to be cool? So I packed like boots and fall apparel lol. 

Also, I did a poll on my Instagram the other day on whether or not I should cut my hair, and got like 70% saying I should cut it! So, naturally, I am making my decisions on weird things like polls and coin flips again. If you have any haircut ideas for me, let me know! I'm not super knowledgeable in this area. 

After we got our wands we went right over and rode Escape From Gringotts! We waited in line for maybe an hour to and hour and a half because they had a delay. My mom sat outside with my baby niece. So, a few days later we went back just the two of us so she could ride it. We went in the single riders lane and walked straight up to the line, waited MAYBE one minute, and then got on the ride!!!! If I could go back I would have done single rider on alllllllll the rides. I couldn't believe how fast it was!

Walking through Gringotts was really cool! The goblins looked so real lol. It reminded me of the animatronics at Disneyland in Tokyo. They were unreal realistic! It's crazy how good people are getting at this kind of stuff. 

So like 6 years olds could cast spells and we couldn't lol. We finally got the hang of it after a while, so save yourself the trouble and remember: Keep to a 6 inch radius!

Oh, this reminds me. Before we got on Escape From Gringotts, this employee came up to me and was like, "Can I see your wand?" I said, "Sure!" thinking he was going to do something cool with it. He took it and put it in his front pocket and then slowly started walking away. I stood there and was like ???? Then another employee was like, "I wouldn't let him do that if I were you!" At this point I realized it was a joke but was like, "This is so uncomfortable! J!!! Get my wand!" So J grabbed it from him lol. After the fact I was laughing at how weak I was haha. Like, Em!!! Get your own wand! I'm obviously not made for bartering/conflict/dealing with strangers... Which ALSO reminds me of the taxi ride from the airport, but I'll save that for another time. Anyway, I bet those employees have so much fun messing with people. I know I would! 

The dragon on top of Gringotts was so cool! It breathed fire!

My niece after finally getting the spell to work lol. I wonder what little kids think about Harry Potter. I mean, we (20-30 year olds) grew up with it in our childhood. I remember my mom reading us the books, and then when the movies start coming out going to all the midnight premiers. I was so sad when the last midnight premier happened and remember thinking, "When will they ever do midnight premiers like this again?!" and they still haven't haha. And then I remember wishing there was a theme park that was Harry Potter, and then they built one! So I feel like we have really seen it come along. But for these younger kids, it will just like always exist the same in their worlds. I wonder who is more into it, ya know?

Sugar Plum's Sweet Shop was amazing! They had all the sweets from the Harry Potter movies and it was decorated so cute. I'll say it a million times, but they did SUCH a good job at making it feel like you were actually in Harry Potter's world. 

I got a chocolate wand and it was really good! You can never go wrong with chocolate covered pretzels, in my opinion. 

We ate breakfast at The Leaky Cauldron. It was SO COOL! Once again, the decor was amazing and it felt like we were in Harry Potter. I heard the food was "subpar" but we all really liked it! I haven't had real bacon in so long and after eating it here I have literally had dreams about eating bacon lol. 

We tried the pumpkin juice and it was super good! It tasted kind of like cider and was cold (super refreshing because it was very hot outside). 

We just split a breakfast, because we knew we were going to get treats throughout the day. 

Like, look at this interior!! Tell me that doesn't look exactly as you would have imagined! The whole thing was so cute and felt so real. 

Random, but what are your favorite camera straps? I'm in the market. Also, this butter beer sign was my favorite sign of the whole thing. The color, font, everything is so cute.

I thought this happened on a different day, but I guess not! My mom and I aren't big roller coaster people so we took a quick chill while everyone else went. 

After that, we went to the City Walk area for dinner. There are SO MANY FOOD PLACES there. It's really nice to be able to do everything in the same place. 

Our friends who used to live in Florida recommend Cowfish to us and it was so good! It's like a sushi  and burger bar. J got a sushi burger and loved it. The things people come up with! 

I got the C.B.C.L.T. without bacon and a veggie patty instead of beef. It was so good! 10/10 would recommend. 

My mom got a bento box and it came with literally the cutest little hamburger I have ever seen. 

And that's it for Diagon Alley! It was my favorite of the two for sure. We were there pretty much all day and did everything, which was nice because I hate feeling like I didn't get to everything on vacations. 

Sugar Factory coming at you tomorrow!


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