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Cabana Bay

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ok so I wanted to do a separate post about the hotel we stayed at because it was amazing! We stayed at Cabana Bay and I would definitely stay there again when we go back. Here's what I liked, in bulleted list form:

- Super close to Universal Studios. There was a bus that took us there and back, v convenient!
- Cutest decorations. It had such a colorful 60's vibe that I was DIGGIN'. 
- Amenities AF! The pools were great and they had a bunch of food options, an arcade, bowling, and movies by the pool.
- J always brings his Chromecast on vacation and always tries to hook it up to the hotel T.V. It never works because they never have the right port or remotes with ability to change the input. BUT THIS HOTEL DID! So we were able to connect our SNES and play Donkey Kong at night. It was amazing.

Anyway, so this is the part we stayed in. It was called Starlight and right next to the pool and lounge areas. 

A yellow door, yes please! Everything felt very new and modern, which is something we miss SO MUCH. We're definitely suckers for some nice geometric lines lol. 

Our room was so cute! V retro. There were two TVs which was nice! I also really loved this cool door slider thing and now want one in my future house haha.

So yeah, our room was cool. BUT MY MOM'S ROOM WAS SO AMAZING!!! Look at this view they had of Volcano Bay! I was obsessed. 

So the hotel was nice because it had a bunch of different food options. You ordered and then took it and sat wherever you wanted in the seating area. It was really convenient to have the option of eating there instead of having to go to Universal Studios City Walk. We tried a bunch of different things, but my favorite was the turkey sandwich.

They had a pool and hot tub too! Hotels with pools are my fave. It honestly doesn't feel like a vacation without a good swim! (Even though I can't swim lol.) It was nice to be able to come home exhausted from the park and just chill in the hot tub. We even had it to ourselves one night! #score

All in all, I would def recommend! My mom did a v good job at picking a hotel and it was nice to just show up and not have to worry about all the plans of where to stay or what to do. That's what family vacations will do for you! 


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