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Best Indie Films On Netflix

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Most Hated Woman In America: Ok, so I didn't LOVE this one, but it is really interesting to watch and consider the ways religion is intertwined in the United States. One part about it I really like was when she asked them what they would do if they were required to say Islam prayers, instead of Christian. It gets you thinking about exactly what religious freedom means, and how it should look.

Liberal Arts: This had some good lolz. There were definitely scenes that were cringy, but overall it was a good watch that made me laugh a lot.

Begin Again: I actually really liked this one! I didn't realize the guy in it was Adam Levine until he started signing lol. #whoops. Anyway, it has some well known actors and actresses and the music is actually really good. Also how can you not love movies set in New York City??

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