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The Ultimate Utah Food Guide!!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

AT LONG LAST! I lived in Utah all my life and love love love food. I narrowed all the restaurants down to the best of the best!

It took me a while to figure out the most efficient way to put this together. I have pictures of all the food, but that turned out to be a very long blog post, so if you want to see photos just click the blog post link. All the restaurant names are linked to their website. Restaurant names are organized by city (north to south Utah) and then by type of food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert).


Park City
  • Silver King Coffee: Drinks and really good scones!
  • Atticus Coffee and Books: My favorite is the vegetarian sausage sandwich. Really great atmosphere and neat gifts as well.
Salt Lake City/Holladay
  • 3 Cups Coffee: Avocado toast, hot chocolate. Blog post here
  • Publik Coffee
  • Tulie Bakery
  • Eva Bakery: Stuffed French toast, avocado toast, macarons. Cute exterior. Blog post here
  • The Rose Establishment
  • The Original Pancake House: Hashbrowns, pumpkin pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, banana pancakes, huevos rancheros.  
  • Gourmandise
  • Hire's Big H: Burgers, fries, veggie burgers too. 
  • The Copper Onion: Pasta carbonara, fries, homemade bread, honey and goat cheese ice cream. Blog post here
  • Eva Restaurant: Rosemary fries, margherita pizza. Blog post here
  • The Pie Pizzeria: The cheese bread, cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza.
  • Cafe Trio: Parmesan flat bread, cheese pizza, chicken pizza, pudding with biscotti. Blog post here
  • Naked Fish: Spicy edamame, veggie sushi.
  • Pie Hole: Cheese or pepperoni slice. Graffiti approved walls so bring a marker! Blog post here
  • Spitz: Street cart fries, mediterranean döner. Blog post here
  • Banbury Cross Donuts: Strawberry coconut. Blog post here
  • Ruby Snap: They give you huge samples of any cookie you want. Favorites are Rikki, Penelope, Virginia, Maris, Mia.
  • Hatch Family Chocolates: Chocolate covered banana, chocolate covered raspberries. Blog post here
  • La Bonne Vie: Macarons. Cute packaging. Blog post here
  • Deseret Book at City Creek: You can fill a bag of bulk candy for $5! Blog post here
  • Nielsen's Frozen Custard: Cookie dough custard.
  • Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade: Great for brunch and fun limeades! Really booked on the weekend so make a reservation. 
  • Last Course: Rosemary and honey ice cream, nachos (they are chocolate dipped in strawberries)
  • Taqueria 27: Pear and beet taco (so good!), churros
  • Dog Haus: You can get any hot dog vegetarian! Chili cheese dog, regular hot dog with ketchup and mustard. Blog post here
  • Sconecutter: Really good scones with cinnamon sugar butter. 
  • The Ridge: Pretzel cheese fondue, cookie and ice cream dessert. Blog post here
Alpine/Highland/American Fork
  • Dear Lizzy: Do a tea party here! Good lunch and pastries too. Blog post here and here.
  • Bona Vita: Caprese salad, bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, Margherita pizza. Blog post here
  • China Wok: Hidden but so good! Cream cheese wontons, sweet and sour chicken. 
  • Beyond Glaze: Maple, old fashioned. Blog post here
  • Snoasis: Any snow cone with sweetened condensed milk on top. Blog post here
  • Trellis Cafe: Lavender lemonade (!!!!), sweet potato fries, veggie burger. 
  • Fiiz drinks: (Soda) Lime in the coconut, Chandler Bing.
  • Makanmakan: Tofu curry
  • Coffee Pod: Apple cider. They also have open mic nights sometimes. 
  • Juice N Java: Apple celery juice. 
  • Magleby's: Asian salad, French toast, chocolate cake.
  • Tommy's: Burger and fries. Blog post here
  • Shirley's Bakery: Veggie panini, chicken ranch panini, cinnamon twist, raspberry big foot. Blog post here
  • Guru's/Enliten Cafe: SWEET POTATO FRIES (!!!), tofu tacos. Blog post here
  • Station 22: Tons of soda flavors! Sweet potato fries, chicken sandwich, chicken and waffles. 
  • 180 Tacos: Korean fried tofu, buffalo chicken, malasadas. Blog post here
  • Communal: Kind cool, you all eat at the same table. 
  • Good Thyme Eatery: Really good, farm fresh food!
  • Pizza Factory: Crazy, twisty, tall breadsticks. 
  • Brick Oven 
  • Pop N' Sweets: Candy and soda from all over the world! You can get any soda made into a float. Blog post here and here
  • Provo Bakery: Chocolate cake donut with chocolate frosting, apple fritter. 
  • Roll With It Creamery: Strawberry balsamic ice cream. 
  • The Chocolate: "Frosty" glass of milk (is actually frosty lol), Cazookie, Neapolitan cake! They have different cake every week so call and ask before you go if you have a specific one in mind. Blog post here
  • Elaine French Bakery: Macarons. (Often looks like it is closed, but it isn't! Go in!) Blog post here
Spanish Fork
  • Sip-N: The Oreo cookie! It's so good I made a Spanish Fork column just for it. Blog post here
St. George
  • Fractured Prune: Literally any flavor will be heavenly. Blog post here
  • TwentyFive Main: Cupcakes.
Places with locations all over Utah and Salt Lake County
  • Black Bear Diner: The grizz! It's enough food for two people. Blog post here
  • Beans and Brews: Best hot chocolate in Utah.
  • Ivie Juice Bar: Beach babe açai bowl (best açaí bowl in Utah!... and maybe anywhere!)
  • The Orange Peel: Roses Are Red, Orange Creme Dream, Thai coconut bubble tea with avocado, pearls, and no sweetener.
  • The Matterhorn (food truck): French toast. Blog post here
  • Kneader's: French toast, egg and croissant sandwich, veggie sandwich on focaccia, gingerbread cookies (recipe here), steel cut oats, raspberry cream cheese croissant, frozen hot chocolate... basically everything.
  • Cubby's: Rosemary fries, sweet potato fries, any salad, chicken sandwich. Blog post here
  • J Dawgs: Hot dogs, J Dawg's sauce.
  • Pizzeria Limone: The limone, margherita, divino dessert pizza. 
  • Fiore Pizza (food truck): Margherita, pepperoni. Blog post here
  • JCW's: They can make any burger with a garden patty if you're vegetarian. Hamburgers, Hawaiian burger, fries, fry sauce, huge shakes.
  • Zao: Rice bowls, green curry, snap peas, Maine Root organic sodas. Blog posts here and here.
  • Aubergine and Company: Cheesebread, tomato basil soup, açai bowl. Blog post here
  • Slab: The Mikel, buffalo chicken. Blog post here
  • Tsunami: Edamame, honey badger roll, Sean Connery roll. You can get any roll in soy paper if you don't like seaweed.
  • Blue Lemon: Kid's meal Mac and cheese (apples and dip in this is so good), hummus plate, sweet potato fries, lemon blueberry pancakes, berry orange crepes. Blog post here here.
  • CupBop: Doochi bop, kimchi, b bop. 
  • Malawi's: Thin crust pizza, berry dessert pizza. 
  • Bombay House: Coconut curry vegetables, chicken tikka masala, naan, mango ice cream.
  • Brugee's Waffles and Frites: Torpedo waffle with strawberries, fries and different flavors of mayonnaise. Blog post here
  • Hokulia (seasonal): Snow cones, sno cap (sweetened condensed milk on the top). Blog post here
  • Sweet Tooth Fairy: Cake bites.
  • Waffle Love: The red wonder, regular waffle with Nutella and whipped cream.
What do you guys think? Did I miss anywhere?

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