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Wednesday, August 2, 2017
A part of me feels like I already blogged about this?? But maybe I just posted it on a different social media lulz. 

So on Saturday I found a SCREAMIN' DEAL on Craigslist in the city. So we drove down and took a route with no tolls. It took us ONE HOUR (and like five minutes or something). I'm like, what is this dream that is my life where I can drive to New York City in an hour? 

I always say this, but I don't know why we don't go to the city more. If you park via Spot Hero it's like, $10-$15. Which is totally not that bad. I want to start going down there once a month! I go in weekly for school as you so know (it takes longer to get there on the train) and I really love trying new foods and exploring on my breaks. But I'm not going to like, hit up a sit down restaurant on my own, ya feel? So it would be nice to go in with J on a Saturday or something. 

Also! This is our old apartment! Remember the tour from here? I actually really loved it and thought it was the cutest thing. 

Our windows weren't any of these you can see, but our door was right next to EJ's Luncheonette. Which is also the cutest because our couple initials are E and J. It was just meant to be probably. 

Since we were on the upper east side anyway, we decided to drop by the best place of all time: PICK A BAGEL. I kid you not THESE BAGELS. They are sooo good and moist (had to spell check this b/c my computer kept auto correcting it to moose? lol) and soft and just the best ever. 

ALSO the black and white cookies are THE BEST IN ALL OF NEW YORK CITY.  I promise. Wait I have a pic of them, one second...

HERE! How yum, right?!

I always get an everything bagel with cream cheese. J got plain with loxs cream cheese and liked it. I had to lol b/c when we first moved to New York he saw loxs cream cheese and was like THE F?! But now he is a fan. 

Here's our little table all set up! After FOUR YEARS of being married we finally have a proper kitchen table! The chairs and table are from Target and were prob like $300 or more originally, but we got it all for $70! I am so proud of myself for finding this deal, you guys. 

Oh also we live near a Trader Joe's so we always get the $4 flowers haha. It's like $8 per month to have fresh flowers? I'm like DEAL. 

Our first breakfast on our new table! It's also nice to have a table because Tucker is cray. I don't mind eating on the floor though and actually still have been eating on the couch haha. But it's nice to have a table for our more formal dinners together! 

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