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Sunday, August 6, 2017
YOU GUYS I FOUND A BABY SQUIRREL. I was walking Tucker and looked over into the grass and there it was! I poked it (always poking things is a life rule I try to live by) and it was alive! PRAISE BE.

At the time I didn't know if it was a squirrel or not, so I posted it on my social media. People thought it was a possum, but *fUn FaCt* possums have clear nails and squirrels have black. Other than that they look really similar. I sent the picture to J and this is how he responded:

(Obviously he does not live by my rule of always poking things.) I had been on and off the phone with my mom regarding this bb and I told her what J said. She told it to her coworkers and they all thought it was the funniest thing. Also she said they said it was cute that I still try to save wild animals and I was like ???? WHAT MONSTER could just leave this little baby to die? (Well apparently J... although he claims he thought it was dead. (ALWAYS POKE THINGS, J. ALWAYS POKE THINGS.))

Ok so I called like four numbers before I found one that could take squirrels. They called me back after I left my message and said they closed at 5:00. I couldn't make it so Jeffrey ended up sleeping over! It was hot as balls outside so I figured he would be p chill. I mean, he made it through the night before out there in the wild, so I figured he could make it through again. I tested his little skin and he wasn't dehydrated.

The next day (Saturday) I called them in the morning to see what time I could bring him by. They didn't call back for a while so we went and got puppy formula and eye droppers to feed him (his skin was showing he was dehydrated). Let me tell you. Feeding him WAS THE CUTEST THING. Pretty sure I will not feel a love this strong ever again... even when breastfeeding my own children. IT WAS THAT PRESH. 

(I have a video of it, but can't for the life of me figure out how to download it off Google Photos? I'll post it on my story on Instagram. Go check it @emmycoletti)

Literally right when we got home from the store, the rescue called. So I took him in after feeding him a droplet. It was wayyyyy out in the forest lol. I didn't even know places like this existed. 

The lady there said they got a lot of squirrels and that he would be raised with other squirrels (so cute!). They'll keep him in an incubator and then transfer him to a cage, and then lastly put him in a bigger cage to release to the wild.

I'll call back next week to see if he made it! I hope he did! I will be sure to update you guys either way. #PrayForJeffrey #PokeDeadThingsToBeSureBecauseTheyMightNotBeDead

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