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Connecticut Guide: Nom Eez (Ramen!)

Thursday, July 13, 2017
So I mentioned yesterday that we moved! We now live pretty dang close to Fairfield, Connecticut, like we could throw a rock and hit the town line. We are technically in Bridgeport. It has a reputation for being pretty dangerous, but since we are so close to the town line our little area is pretty safe. (At least according to the maps on Trulia lol). Anyway, so I always feel the need to let people know we are in a safer area of Bridgeport and not threatening our lives.

ANYWAY. Fairfield is like A+ food wise, I hear. Our biggest complaint about Connecticut is that there aren't many places that are in between fast food and restaurants. Ya know? Like places you can order food and sit down, but it doesn't have a drive thru and you don't have to pay a waiter.

So apparently Fairfield has these places and I'm like "J I TOLD YOU WE WERE JUST LOOKING IN THE WRONG PLACES."

Needless to say, our new apartment has me feeling very inspired and creative. Thus the sudden increase in blogging. Also I have more time, so maybe that's it? Idk. WHO CARES LET'S TALK ABOUT FOOD.

So this place is called Nom Eez and is SO. GOOD. They also sell Donut Crazy donuts which is weird but amazing, because they are our favorite donuts.

J got this rice which was like $8 and I honestly would get that next time. I got the ramen (pictured below) and it was so good, but also like $11 I think. And with the rice I felt like it was pretty fancy and a lot of food? So we are probably going to stick with that!

When I asked the girl to box up my ramen, she was like, "Oh you didn't like it?" And I was like, "I did, I am just done?" Lol. But then also we went out of town shortly after and I never finished eating it. Also I think it's still in my fridge and it's been there for definitely 2 weeks. So that will be fun.

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE BACK ME UP ON THIS!!!! I SWEAR TO YOU Androids take photos that look different than iPhones? Like they look more bubbled and weird to me. I don't know. I can't stand it though. My phone shattered so all my photos have weird light leaks now, but whatever.

So, hopefully I'll be able to give you guys some yummy Connecticut food recs now that we are closer to good food!

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