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That Time I Locked My Dog In The Car And Had To Call The Police

Monday, June 19, 2017


So Tucker doesn't jump for whatever reason. Like, he has before but as a general rule he doesn't. I think it might have something to do with his Lyme disease? Like at the shelter they made it sound like something that will go away in a bit, but idk. I need to do more internet searching. We are taking him to a vet this weekend.


So, I put my keys, phone, and wallet in the car. I spent a minute or two trying to get him into the car, and ended up picking him up and putting him in. He's heavy! So then I shut the door and heard a *click*. I was like WHAT. Literally my car doors just locked. Like... just locked.

So I immediately started to freak out. I ran back to my complex (I was parked in the front) and realized I didn't have my scanner to get in and find a phone. Weirdly and luckily there was a pizza guy walking back to his car after a delivery. I ran up to him and was frantically like, "I need your phone!!!!!" He was just like, "Ok." and immediately handed it over haha. I told him I locked my dog in the car and we debated whether or not I should call 911 before my panic gave in and I just dialed it.

First time in my life ever calling 911 lol.

They transferred me to my city's 911 and I told them I locked my dog in the car. They said they would be right over. The pizza guy left and I obsessively paced around my car, looking in at Tucker and trying to open doors. Also I found a bobby pin on the ground and tried to hack it lol. No avail.

(I should add I had been crying earlier in the day because of internship frustrations and was taking Tucker to get his first puppaccino from Starbuck's as a pick me up.)

So then this woman parked behind me and obviously realized there was SOMETHIN goin' on with me. She was like, ".... what's going on??" And I was like, "I LOCKED MY DOG IN THE CAR AND THE POLICE ARE COMING BUT THEY ARE TAKING SO LONG!!!!!" So we started googling like how long it took for dogs to die in hot cars and google was like, IT CAN HAPPEN IN MINUTES!!!

So I obviously like, completely lost it at this point and was like I AM BREAKING A WINDOW!!! So the woman called her daughter (who she was coming to visit) and was like, "I am down here with a girl whose dog is locked in her car. Can you bring down a towel?" 

A few minutes later the mom started walking to the complex to meet her daughter right when I saw a police car in the distance and I was frantically like, "IT'S OK!! THE POLICE ARE HERE! POLICE!! OVER HERE!! "*WAVES* *GOES TO CENTER OF ROAD AND WAVES FRANTICALLY*

So, not one, but TWO cop cars pulled up and out popped THREE cops (like geez). The cop was like, "Which switch is the lock switch?" And I was like, "I don't know!!!" And then he just started to put the stick through the window anyway. I went to the other side and remembered it was by the handle and went back and was like, "It's by the handle!!" He was like, "Which one of these?" (Referring to the window switches.) And I was like, "No, it's by the handle." And he was like, "This one??" And I was like, "NO!!! Let me show you!" *grabs a different cop and takes her to the other window* "It's right there by the handle, do you see it??!!"

"Oh, Bill!!! It's by the handle!!!" 

At this point there were 3 cops, a mom, a daughter, 2 onlookers, and some moving guys invested in the show. 

Bill (not real name) finally got it unlocked and I jumped in, cranked the A.C. and pet him until all the people left lol. Then I took him to get a puppaccino lol. The good thing is he seemed relatively unphased? Dogs, man. So resilient! Needless to say, I am now the most paranoid person about my car doors automatically locking.

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