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A Happy List: 161

Monday, June 26, 2017

1. / I have been doing more social media things lately and it's been so nice to have some sort of a job! Getting into tons of debt is no fun but being able to pay for some vacation and side stuff with my income has been really nice!

2. / TUCKER! He is a dream. He is SO SMART. I want to train him to be a therapy dog and he is well on his way! We have had him for about a week and he has already learned sit, lay, shake, and wait for food. He learns tricks in under ten minutes, I swear to you! Next I want to teach him how to fetch on command, and then teach him to get his leash and bring it when he wants to go out.

3. / So J builds computers and is starting to turn profit too! I can't get over how cool it is he builds. computers. LIKE WHAT! Who builds computers?? It's amazing to me because I like, could not at all.

4. / A guy on the subway gave me his seat. Chivalry does exist! This used to happen more to me when I lived in New York (duh) but hasn't happened in so long!

5. / Humidity! I hate what it does to my hair, but LOVE how it feels! If you guys follow me on my Snapchat (although I have been using Instagram more now) you know I often sit in the bathroom with the shower running and eat cereal lol. It's my go to when I'm sad. The humidity feels like how the shower feels! I love it!

6. / My stereo has been broken for about a month now. I turned on the radio the other day and they were playing Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional! This was my favorite song for so long! Definitely made my day.

7. / One of the advertisements on The Art of Charm was for underwear lol. 

8. / We move into our new apartment this week and I'm so excited! It's SO BEAUTIFUL! I'll have to do a lil' apartment tour. I photographed our New York apartment but haven't done very good job at photographing our current place. Oh well.

9. / A new Planet of the Apes is coming out! I loveeee Planet of the Apes for some reason? Like it is debatably my favorite movie to watch when I'm sad.

10. / I have made SUCH good food this weekend! These vegetarian lettuce wraps were so good. We ate this broccoli crescent wrap in like, 2 seconds straight. I also do avocado toast with cream cheese, red pepper flakes and honey that is TO DIE FOR! Oh, and I made French toast with French bread and my mom's buttermilk syrup recipe. It's the best. J said it was better than Kneader's so TAKE THAT UTAH!


Here are some funny things people said this week:

J: "Em. Sometimes at work we go DAYS without any lulz."

Me: "Hey! Don't eat those! They're for a recipe I am making later."
J: "Wait... why are there two gone though?"
Me: "..."

My mom: *answers her phone* "Hello? Em, hold on. I have to call you back." 
Me: "Ok?"

J: "Ok, what the fetch is that app that like goes for a second and then rewinds?"
Me: "Boomerang?"
J: "Yes!!! It's starting to annoy me, it's everywhere!!"

J: "I made us a pizza! And I made you a little plate. But then I ate the whole pizza. Now I don't feel so good." 

J: "Em! I blogged!"
Me: "No way!? Good job bb!"
J: "Probably like one person read it. And it was me."

J: "Em, I am DTB. Down to braid!"

J while playing video games with friends: "Wait, who's titanium biceps? Oh that's you? K."


It's been a minute since I've done these happy lists! I'm almost done with my crazy semester of school and then I'll have a little break. One of my friends might come out to visit and I'm v excited!

- - - - -

P.S. Do you guys like the numbered format better than the old format I did where it looked like a tree? I think I like it better. 

P.P.S. I just realized this picture is a little blurry. Ugh! This is my argument for why DSLRs are better than handheld! I use my handheld every now and then when I need quick 
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