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Sunday, May 7, 2017

The new frappuccino from Starbuck's is so good. If you don't drink coffee just ask for a "mint mocha frappuccino with a cream base". SO GOOD.

I am loving the photography in this post.

Really want to go to Tennessee after reading this.

Not a parent, but I love this advice.

I know this has been viral for a while, but I still love it.

This post has got me wanting to go to England, like STAT.

Are you even kidding me with this townhouse?? NEED.

Oh, and also seriously considering buying this when we make our next move.

Just finished this podcast, and it was pretty interesting. Different than I thought it would be, but still good insight.

And since I can't shop right now, here are all my favorite finds under $25 for your enjoyment.

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