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Weekend Links: 03

Saturday, May 27, 2017

This article is so inspirational! And also has a good implications for mental health :)

Idk why I am so obsessed with comparing working moms vs stay-at-home moms vs working full time without kids. This article was really interesting to me, though!

On the mom note, I super love this birth story! I really like the vibes they had going on and have always imagined myself doing similar. It was neat-o to see someone else doing the same thing!


Adding all these movies to my list.

I love this idea regarding hair stylists! Sometimes we can make such a difference and not even know it.

Last, here are my fave finds for under $25!
I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Three days yi yi!!!

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P.S. If you live in New York, RUN to Dō Cookie Dough Cafe! There is no longer a huge line!


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