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Stay-Cation Day 2: New York City

Tuesday, May 30, 2017
On Monday we headed into the city. In all my days taking the train, it has NEVER been late. Of course, this time, it was an actual 30 MINUTES late! Grrrr. At least it wasn't too chilly.

My mom had never been to Grand Central before! We took this selfie and decided both of our faces look so weirdly shaped lol.

Ok, so then we went to Jacob's Pickles. I was pretty sure I remembered where it was, but put it into Google Maps anyway. It took us to this restaurant below. My mom was like, "Em... this really doesn't look right?" And I was all, "You've been here once! How would you know!" Well, turns out it WAS a different place lol. The old Jacob's Pickles had a fire, so they were serving their menu at Maison Pickles. 

I got the French toast (did you expect anything else from me?) and it was good, but also slightly tasted like disinfectant? Idk. Also they didn't have their rootbeers, so I was sad. J and I have already decided that on our last day on the east coast we are going to go to New York and eating at Jacob's Pickles lol.

I still think New York is the prettiest place! I hear Toronto is like a mini NYC? Can anyone confirm? If so I need to add it to my list ASAP.

My mom tried to get a Trader Joe's bag that said "Connecticut" on it. They told her they didn't have any and laughed at how Boston and New York have bags, but Connecticut doesn't. That led her to wanting a bag from Trader Joe's in New York. So, we stopped by and the LINE WAS SO LONG!! They had 30 cashiers, so it went really fast (like less than 5 minutes, I timed it). 

She loves when I take pictures of her. Obviously.

My mom and grandma are obsessed with Levain haha. So naturally we had to go get a cookie! The line wasn't too bad, which was amazing. Guys, I think I may like the chocolate peanut butter better than the walnut chocolate chip? I know, I know, ultimate betrayal. But TRY IT next time.

Our next stop was Flying Tiger on the Upper East Side (still in my top 3 favorite stores) so we walked through Central Park to get there.

This was one of my favorite places to come when we lived in the city.

Looking at this picture reminds me to tell you guys, I'M CUTTING MY BANGS BACK. I just feel like I am my truest self when I have bangs. I'm just waiting until summer because straight across bangs + humidity + heat = not cute.

How cute is this business man playing with his dog?!

I switched these photos but whatever. So on the right is where our studio was when we lived in New York. I look back on that time and am like, ?!?!?! It seems so strange that we actually did that. Like we literally saved up thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of a year and moved to New York?? Idk. I wouldn't move there long term, but would be open to going back for a few months if J got an internship or something. I am really proud of us for living there, even if it was a short amount of time. It took a lot to get there and I would have always wondered what it would be like if I didn't do it.

Ok, on the left! We mistakenly went to Washington Square Park on graduation lol. But hey, still got my pic.

OK SO THIS IS THE ACTUAL BEST SALAD. Go to By Chloe and get the quinoa taco salad. I SWEAR TO YOU YOU WILL THANK ME LATER. I am craving one now... might have to snag one tomorrow for lunch! (Ok and yes it's vegan, but just stop judging and try it. I didn't eating the brown "meat like" part because it was too spicy. So if you are nervous about vegan food just don't eat that part, because the rest is a normal salad.)

We went to the bakery next door afterward and got black and white cookies. They are good. I would still rate Pick A Bagel as #1 in the city, but they aren't downtown.

Then we headed home! My mom was like, such a non-conformer to train culture. I told her no one talks, and she was like, "I'm going to talk if I want to!" So, I just didn't respond lolololol. Say what you will but I do not want 10+ business men hearing my conversation!

I love living close to New York and being able to pop in the for the day, without having to stay the night, etc. Definitely something I will miss after our next move!

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