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A Happy List: 160

Monday, May 29, 2017
School is really busy. Like, really busy! It's an accelerated program and I am also taking all the summer classes required in the first half of summer. So I have been v absent on here! I have also decided to make this more of a diary like I had it before. So I often write posts and set the date, but just keep them in my drafts folder because I don't want them to be public. One day when I print out my blog I'll set it to private and publish all the posts! (Now that I say that out loud, I suppose I could print out all my posts from high school and then delete them? Idk. I like when people have archives on their blog that go back soooo far haha. It's fun to see what they were like years ago.)

On to the happy list!

1/ As if I don't have enough searches set up on Pet Finder... look at this Corgi Golden Retriever mix! IN LOVE!

2/ I was reading this article about nipples being the perfect nude lipstick color shade while watching T.V. with J. Naturally, I pulled my shirt down and started looking at my nipple's color. J turned around and was like, "What are you doing?!?!" It was perfect hahaha.

3/ So far this semester I have stayed on top of my reading! (Assuming I finish the rest for tomorrow on the train... lol.)

4/ Strawberry lemonade vitaminWater. SO. GOOD. 

5/ Eating a Reese's Cookie Crunch right now and O.M.G.

6/ Seeing Amelie on Broadway! I didn't realize it was only temporary, so I am so glad we fit it in while my mom was here! Next on our list is 1984.

7/ Finding (and booking!!!!) tickets to Ireland for $200. SO EXCITED.

8/ Deciding on our Halloween costumes for this year. I am doing a series over the next few years, and this year's was hard to think of, but I got it! I always have good costume ideas, but when it comes to doing them never follow through lol. 

9/ J's hair is *almost* all able to fit in a man bun without any bobby pins!

10/ Discovering a list of the 20 best sci-fi movies of the 21st century. If you need me I'll be watching all of them for the next week. (Not really cuz school, but you get the point.) 

- - - - -

P.S. Here's a lil' playlist for your week!

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