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A Happy List: 159

Monday, May 1, 2017

Ok so J is growing his hair out right? Well, the other night I took it upon myself to curl it. It was the best experience. 

Also, I got him these glasses for Christmas, but I estimated the PD because I didn't think it mattered that much, but it does. So he doesn't wear them but HOW CUTE IS THIS GLASSES CURLY HAIR COMBO!!

Ok so also J had a mass in his eyelid. It got really big, actually. It got to be like the size of a marble, so he had to go and get it removed. They had to cut it open and give him stitches and everything! I had to drive him home and it was so sad haha. 

Now, onto the happy list!

1. / The geek's facial expressions in Freaks and Geeks. Also pretty sure Lindsey is like, the most beautiful woman. J and I talk about it every time we watch it lol.

2. / My niece rode a unicorn lol and my sister took a picture and posted it. In the picture the unicorn's mouth is open and it looks like it's smiling hahaha. 

3. / J braids my hair pretty often. Last night he braided it and a few hours later I realized he added a little bun at the end lol. 

4. / I forget how much I like the roads in Connecticut, scenic wise. They are all lined with trees, and some have trees dividing the lanes going opposite ways. It makes the commute a lot easier!

5. / J learning how to double French braid! He was all, "I don't know, this is going to be really bad." And then he braided BEAUTIFULLY on like the second one lol.

6. / Discovering north Seattle exists. I for some reason was thinking Seattle didn't have like, houses and neighborhoods, but it turns out it does! We are seriously looking at the Green Lake area, but will have to see where jobs take us when I graduate.

7. / We were coming home from church and about to pull into our apartment garage, and saw a guy walking into the building with a box of Little Ceasar's pizza. Literally I was like, "LET'S GO TO LITTLE CEASAR'S RIGHT NOW." And J flipped the car so fast lol and

8. / I was on the train and there was this guy doing the loudest, grossest cough EVER. Right before I got off, a woman got on and sat behind me. After the guy coughed a few times, she was like, "Oh my gosh!!! Cover your damn mouth!!" Hahahaha.

9. / I am nearing the end of my first semester of grad school and it feels GOOD! So far my grades are good and I'm not feeling too burnt out. Mostly just really anxious to get a dog lol.

10. / I have rainbow nails this week and I love them so much! I try to paint my nails every Sunday as a little self-care thing, and I always forget how much I love doing it.

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