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March Favorites

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
K I found a lot of good things this month and wanted to work on those #flatlayskillz (lolz jk).

1. Juicy Couture Sucre perfume: I got this for a collaboration I did on my Instagram, and I am actually in love with it. I have started spraying all my clothes like they do at Hollister hahaha. 

2. Corn patch: Ok so I desperately need to get a denim jacket and iron these patches on! They are seriously so cute!

3. Face lotion: THIS IS ACTUALLY THE BEST. It's like $6 on Amazon and SO HUGE. It's like twice the size of a regular face lotion, I swear to you. I will never go back.

4. Dog willow tree: My mother-in-law sent this to me after Trixie died. How cute is that!!

5. Water beads: These are what I was talking about in yesterday's post. I am going to make stress balls with them, but need more DIY ideas! Also, they shrink back down as they lose water. Weird huh?

6: Bummed shark patch: This reminds me of the dolphin girl on The Bachelor lol. Excited to add it to a jacket! Or maybe jeans too. Idk yet.

7. Zoya gold sparkle nail polish: Ok so this is my favorite because A.) Zoya is 5 free (google it). B. It's like kind of snaggy the first day or two, but then it seriously stays on FOREVER! Like a solid week or two and still looks A+.

8. Vegan dry shampoo: I am obsessed with this! It smells like those stress relief candles from Bath and Body works. And it works really well for dark hair. AND it's vegan! 

9. Dogs R Ppl Too pin: I LOVE THIS. For obvious reasons. They have a cat one too, for all you cat people.

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