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Best Indie Films On Netflix 2017

Saturday, April 8, 2017
Here are April's best indie films on Netflix, IMO. If you have any faves (even if they're not indie) let me know in the comments! I also may have talked about some of these in my last post, but since Netflix changes so often I'll talk about them again if they're still there.

Without further ado....

Adventureland: Ok I saw this a while ago but remember loving it. It's a comedy/love story about a college grad who works at a theme park. For me it brought back the feels of having a temporary job you have zero interest in but are forced to take kind of seriously. Worst.

Anyway, Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart are cute in this and it's fun and summery and has some witty little jokes. 10/10

Moonrise Kingdom: This is a CLASSIC! Wes Anderson is a genius, as I'm sure you've heard. If you don't watch any thing else, watch this. It's sure to be the cutest thing you've ever seen. (Also tbt to our Wes Anderson halloween costumes a few years based off this movie.) 10/10

Heathers: Oldie but a goodie! The outfits in this are 10/10 on their own. Also Winona Ryder is brilliant. If you like 80's movies and dark comedy, you'll love this. 10/10

The Babadook: So, this is actually a genius film. I feel like it's a really good movie to watch to understand mental illness (mainly depression). It's scary, too!! 10/10 for sure.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World: Ok, so Steve Carell and Keira Knightley are actually an amazing combo in this. It's about how life changes where everyone learns a huge asteroid is going to destroy earth. I love seeing how people react and imaging what it would be like to know of your impending doom! Needless to say, this movie was a 10/10 for me for sure.

Mr. Nobody: So, this is actually in my top ten favorite movies of all time. Yes, it's THAT good. I actually don't want to say much because it's better to just watch without reading that much about. Jared Leto is a bae, as always. Ah, yeah. Just... watch this. Please. It may change your life? 10/10

Melancholia: Well, what do ya know. Another movie about earth's impending doom. We get it, Hollywood. We suck.

In all seriousness this movie is so so sooooooo strange. And also amazing and beautiful and just like, an interesting watch. You'll definitely wonder what is going on at times. And you'll also see so many beautiful things and think a little bit more about life. 10/10

Nightcrawler: Ok, yes this is great because it has Jake Gyllenhaal (although he is an actual psycho).  It's also great because it's a really interesting look into paparazzi. Definitely creepy and kind of icky feeling, but a good watch for sure.

Also, if you watched The Night Of (which I would also HIGHLY recommend) it's interesting to see Riz Ahmed in a different role. I am like, weirdly obsessed with him after The Night Of hahaha. It was such a good show and one I think about from time to time. I'd rate Nightcrawler a 9/10 only because I thought the plot was going to be something a little bit different than it was, but it still creeped me out.

In the Land of Women: Ok, so I actually don't know why I love this movie as much as I do. It's about a writer who is taking a break from life and makes friends with the neighbors. It doesn't make a whole ton of sense. It just has a bunch of people I like to see in films (Meg Ryan, Adam Brody, Kristen Stewart, Dustin Milligan). Oh, also it's filmed in the most beautiful neighborhood. I just want to jump into it and live there. 10/10. (This is also in my top 10 favorite movies.)

Pulp Fiction: I can NOT believe I haven't seen this until recently. My boss at my old work used to call me "The Wolf" and I never got the reference. Anyway, this is basically about gangsters and it's amazing. John Travolta is AMAZING in this. He just cracked me up. If you haven't seen this, it's definitely a fun watch. (I don't know why they have that girl on the cover though? Because she really isn't in it for that long.)

Beginners: This movie is about a guy whose elderly dad comes out as gay after his wife passes away. I will admit that a huge reason I loved this film was because of the dog. No shame. His name is Arthur and Ewan McGregor insists on taking him everywhere. It's amazing. Also, Ewan McGregor, enough said. Also, the French actress character is too cute. Oh, and just the whole way the film is filmed and the creative direction behind it is so good. 10/10.

Short Term 12: This gave me alllll the feels. It's about some kids (I say that but they are in their 20's) who work at a rehab facility. It documents the struggles and insecurities, which I totally related to being in the mental health field. Rami Malek is the most well known actor in this film, but he doesn't have a very long appearance. It tends to be no name actors for the most part, which I always love.

Colonia: THIS WAS SO GOOD. I was honestly NOT expecting that much. I have been searching for more cult movies and T.V. shows, and this totally fit the bill. Emma Watson's character enters into a cult to save her boyfriend who was kidnapped by them. It's based on a true story which completely blew my mind, because it was crazy. I would 10/10 recommend this.

Philomena: Ok, so this took me by surprise as well. It's about a journalist who helps an elderly woman find the baby she gave up for adoption. It hits you in the feels, both angry and sad. 10/10 for sure.

Other People: So, this movie is about a kid who moves home because his mom is dying of cancer. If you watched Breaking Bad (which is 10/10 for sure) you get to see Jesse Plemons (aka Todd) in a VERY different role, which I loved. It had a lot of dark comedy and kind of reminded me of a film Tina Fey would have been proud of. 9/10

The Fundamentals of Caring: OK THIS WAS SO GOOD. It's about a middle aged man who takes care of a disabled boy. It has it all: teen humor, dark comedy, cameo appearance from Selena Gomez, and the most lovable Paul Rudd. I loved this so much and LOL-ed many times. The kid's face just cracks me up.

Tallulah: Ok, so this also was amazing. It's about a girl who steals a drunk, neglectful mom's baby. Ellen Page was perfect for the role. I am pretty sure I will be like her character when I am a mom, lol. Also, it takes place in New York City which I loved. It's a stressful, but feel good movie. 10/10 even though I wish it would have ended a little bit differently.

You can look up the parent's guide (explains the rating) for all of these on IMDB before deciding if you want to watch them or not. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

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