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Newport, Rhode Island Travel Guide

Thursday, March 30, 2017
A few weeks ago we went on a lil' road trip for my spring break! We originally wanted to go somewhere more exotic, but I had to work to make up hours for my internship (argh!). Anyway, it was still a really fun trip!

We did our first day in Newport, Rhode Island. It was super cute!

The water was seriously soooo blue. We drove around for a bit and did the mansion drive.

I wanted to take a cute couple's photo by this stone wall, but it was seriously SO WINDY!! I was so nervous my camera would fall over.

You guys, the Newport mansions are SO HUGE. I hear they decorate them really pretty for Christmas. We want to go back and check them out! 

Idk, they kind of look comparable to the houses in Alpine, Utah in these pictures, but they are a lot bigger. They are really spaced out and super pretty. These so far are actually just people's houses, I think. The official "Newport mansions" can be toured and stuff.

We saw so many people walking their cutie dogs lol. It was amazing.

So this is like one of the mansions you could tour, if you wanted to. I think it's like $30 or something? But also I heard in some you can't take pictures.They are seriously so amazing though, even just looking from the outside!

There is an ocean walk that is super pretty. I think it goes for like 3 miles or something? Anyway, it's super pretty! 

I would totally bring a lock for next time! How cute!

Like look how pretty this house is!! Can't handle it!!

They also have the cutest little down town area where all the shops are styled AF.


So these flowers were fake, which my mom would have hated (lol). But I actually think it's the cutest idea!

We ate at the yummiest place! Rosemary and Thyme! It's just a little, cozy cottage with like 3 tables. So cute and so yummy! (Also, if you go to Newport in the off season all the parking is free, which is super nice because those little streets are tiny!)

This was a cold caprese sandwich which I still dream about to this day! 

So this was a grilled cheese with bacon and it was SO GOOD. It was J's favorite food from the entire trip. Would definitely recommend!

Guy literally all the houses in Newport were so cute like this. One thing I love about the northeast is all the shake siding! It's definitely something I want on my dream house in like an olive green or blue.

Oh hey look, another bae.

So apparently it is bad to feed seagulls? We just recently learned this and I feel so bad for feeding them in the past! It's a bummer though, because we live close to the beach and it's so fun to feed them hahaha.

Like this is pretty close to my dream house. I love that color of siding.

Also OBSESSED with this house color.

Ok so outside of Newport there is a town called Jamestown. They're all like, "historic Jamestown!" So J and I were like, "OMG THE FIRST SETTLEMENT!" Then after driving around it for a bit I was like, "Wait... wasn't it somewhere more south??" Lol! Anyway, now we know what Jamestown, Rhode Island looks like.

We stayed at Comfort Suites West Warwick because I found a nice Groupon, and we actually really like the hotel! They had cute wallpaper and everything was really clean. They also had a pool and continental breakfast, SCOREEE. I used to loveeeeee continental breakfast as a kid lol.

We had dinner at this place called JR's and they had fried Oreos!! Like omgzzzzz. He asked us what flavor we wanted so we got chocolate because I thought he meant flavor of Oreo, but it was for the dipping sauce. They have a strawberry dipping sauce that I would definitely want to try next time!

It was a really fun day in Newport! Rhode Island (what we've seen of it) is super cute! I definitely want to go back during the winter to see those mansions decked out in Christmas attire!

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