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Monday, March 27, 2017
HIIIIIII. It's been a hot minute. Life has been good, just busy and blogging isn't really on my top priority list! I do have lots of pictures to post, but just need to find the time!

- - - - -
Meeting up with my friend Leah in New York!
Seeing new posters put up in the subway station.
Finding a good new "picnic spot" at the beach in Milford.
Getting a 93% on a midterm for a class I am way scared of.
Running full speed with a hoard of business men to catch the 6:53 train.
Seeing an old woman feeding squirrels peanuts at Washington Square park.
This YouTube video of a girl getting laser hair removal on her vagina hahahaha.
Getting another Christmas package late! I love it, it's like Christmas keeps going.
Found a good hair salon in CT! Go to their first post on Instagram to see what I am getting done (eventually).

- - - - - -

(Talking about the Vampire Diaries.)
Me: I'm team Damon, not even because of looks though but
J: Em!!! Totes because of looks though!!! Let's just get this one out of the bag.

(I was talking to my mom. She was complaining about how long it took her to change all of her clocks for daylight savings time.)
Me: Is that too many clocks to have then???
My mom: No!!!! I want more!! I want a clock wall!!
Me: Are you sure??
My mom: People like things!! I like clocks!!

My mom: I have a suggestion for you. You may not like it.
Me: Are you sure you want to tell me?
My mom: I have to because it's ruining my life.

Me: Are you ready for tomorrow?
J: Em. I'm so frickin prepared it's sad.

J: I would say, "Em, can you put it on the thing for me? But you probably literally don't have arms long enough." 

J: Throwin' that sass right back! I would call you Sasquatch.

J: After you put it on your YouTube I'll put it on mine! Don't worry, I'll give you totes creds!

Me: I just don't like eating Little Caesar's like... every week.
J: Yeah, I agree... well... I agree that you don't like eating it.

J and I were talking about what we would want the other person to do if they were on life support with no brain function. J had just finished telling me what he wanted, and then we pulled up to the pharmacy drive-thru and he requested my medication. Then he turned around to me and casually said, "What do you want?" referring to pulling the plug hahaha.

J pranked me into thinking he got a computer monitor that we don't have money for by using the stores credit card and paying it off for 6 months. We were lol-ing at how good of a prank it was because I was shaking afterwards from the rush of emotions.

- - - - -

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