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Snow In New England

Friday, February 17, 2017

I guess it doesn't really snow here before Christmas, but then after Christmas we get a lot of snow? Honestly I'm not sure because I thought where we are (by the beach) we are supposed to get mostly rain? 

Well, WHATEVER. Because I love the snow and it has been snowing and I'LL TAKE IT!!! 💙

This is the street we live on. We are in the "downtown" area of a really small, Connecticut town. It's maybe a little bit too small for my taste, to be honest. 😂 We are probably going to move to Norwalk this summer. (If you watch American Housewife, I had to lol that Oliver was selling rip off designer shirts to kids in Norwalk! Tooooo good.)

See, like Wendy's is basically our only choice for food close by. NOT OK. Also look at how much it snowed!!! I think we got 18 inches this day. This was the day that work was canceled for J because of the storm (last Thursday). 

Ok I am merging two separate days into one post because our life is boring and I can do that now. So this was last Friday when we did date night in Norwalk. This is their Main Street and it's SO CUTE!! It has all these yummy little food places too. J works one street over from this street, so we are hoping to live somewhere within walking distance, since having one car is an actual nightmare.

Look at the teenager in the background of this photo flipping us off hahahaha.

Anyway, we decided to break out of our usual "no waiters" rule and try a Mecha in Norwalk. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! We were there during happy hour, so we got these Korean tacos for $3! I honestly could just get two sets of these next time and be totally happy. They reminded me a lot of my true loves at 180 Tacos

I got the veggie ramen, because I am kind of going back to being vegetarian. Except if a meat things looks really good I will try it (like the Korean tacos above), but just overall I wasn't crazy about the way meat was making me feel. I can honestly say that going from meat eater to vegetarian felt the same, but going from vegetarian to meat eater was no buenoooooo. And no, I didn't get sick or anything. I just felt a difference in my head and stomach. 

J liked his pho tai, but said he would try something different next time. I tasted it and it tasted really coconut-y?? V interesting!

Ope, well I guess I am combining the next day as well! This was on Saturday when we just wanted to get out of the house. Like I said before, where we live in honestly kind of boring. It's just like where people live when they want to be close enough to work in New York City, but live in the suburbs. In Utah there were lots of little sit-down-but-waiterless restaurants, but Connecticut is mainly fast food or waiters. 

So, on Saturday we did a little car picnic at the beach. This beach actually looked amazing and I want to go back tomorrow to take some pictures. It also had a huge lawn that will be fun to picnic on in the summer! I learned that the beaches here actually have warm water and people go swimming at them?! For some reason I was thinking they were not swimmable hahah. So, that will also be fun to do during our last summer here! It's crazy to think that we just had our first summer on the east coast, and now we will be having our last. My degree is seriously so fast haha, I am getting tooooooo excited to get back into the workforce and move to Washington (hopefully)!

Anyway, that was our weekend, I guess! I posted weirdly out of order, because then on Sunday we went to New York City, which I already posted about?? Oh well haha.

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