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Snow Day On The Train

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ok one of the things I love about living in the northeast is THE SNOW DAYS. Like we will get the tiniest amount of snow and everything is canceled. Last week school was canceled on Thursday and Friday! Can you imagine how happy those kids were lol. J got to work from home on Thursday because "the snow was bad" and he was so pumped. Then, on Sunday we woke up to find out church was cancelled!! CAN I GET A HOYAAAAA.

My aunt and uncle were in NYC for his work, so we took the train down to meet them. We were like, "Oh church was cancelled, we should take the train because the roads are probably really bad." WELL. The roads weren't bad at all in comparison to what we are used to in Utah. Plus it's like $10 for parking if you drive, or like $30 a ticket if you take the train lol. So while we were on the train we were like NEVER AGAIN. 

Frickin' Hogwarts AF on a snowy train I swear to you. It was fun to ride on a Sunday because it wasn't full of business people and we could relax and hangout.

I finally got my "girl on a train" photo lol 😂

Boy on a train.

Lunch was so fun! I haven't seen this aunt in like years I think! It was so fun to catch up and she is so funny hahahaha. Hey, pro tip: If you download the McDonald's app they have crazy daily deals! #yourewelcome

J and I went to Dō after lunch and were a little nervous the line would be like an hour long. We walked up to the building and there was no one outside! We were like, "SCORE! THE FOOD GODS ARE ON OUR SIDE." But then we saw a sign on the door that said, "The line starts across the street." We looked across the street and there were like A HUNDRED PEOPLE LINED UP DOWN THE STREET. We stood in line for like 20 seconds before J was like, "Nope!"

So we got black and white cookies at Grand Central instead. (I need to figure out the perfect recipe for those because they are like cake cookies and soooo good.) It was super fun! I love being in New York but not living there 😂 It will be a little sad when we are across the country, but I feel like this time in our lives is a good one, even if we are busy and in lots of student debt hahahahah. All necessary struggles, right?!

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